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What's not to love? We actually recorded the render at their house. I was going to say. Has clay taken you to his spirits? Oh, really? You've been down there? Yeah. Yeah. Years ago. Well, I've been down there. I go down to see Gary. Okay. We're buds. Friends with Mark, can you? Mark, and I go way back. I've never met him. Works like this one, I never had. Hey, we've got it. We've got a great podcast. I'm very excited about this. We're going to talk about the third and final kind of Southwest themed podcast. So this podcast was not just about mourner Glenn. It was about the borderlands Jaguar. That's where we're going. So if you're new to the render, which there's a lot of people that might be new to this, we produce a documentary style podcast. I haven't introduced our guest. No. Goodness, gracious. Or the or misty. The replacement you know? Okay, I've got to finish what I was going to say. And then we'll come back. I'm so sorry. We'll come back to us. The bear grease podcast is a documentary style podcast that we just put a ton of energy and effort into the bear grease render is this informal gathering of people. Literally talk about this effort. So this is the bear grease render you're listening to. Okay, two Gary's left. My lovely wife, misty newcombe. Great to be here. Always good to be here. Yeah. Always forget to be here. Great. Okay, our mystery guest is my longtime friend. We go to church together. We're neighbors, Tyrell dennison. Welcome to a glad to be here. Man, this is I knew this day would come that you would be on the render. It's nice to be here. I'm glad to have time has gotten the time has been pretty instrumental in my world. Career world. He really was. Ty was the one who, like, 7 years ago, did you know this Josh? We were producing that bear horizon video for bear hunting magazine. Which if people have not watched, they should go back and watch because I'm embarrassed to some of that stuff. I love it. I still watch videos really good content. Yeah. Well, so we were producing bear horizon videos. So we call it I think in 2015 we started. I thought it was fantastic. What are you talking about? Yeah. Yeah. Some of it was good. Better than a couple of renders I've heard. Listen, listen, Dan, then we just had them on like Vimeo and embedded them on our website. I didn't even know what Vimeo was them. That's what you did back in those days. But I mean, I didn't know if Vimeo wasn't until he said, hey, you can watch these videos. Yeah, it's just a way to implant a video on a web page. Well, the entire one day walked up to me and said, clay, you need to put your videos on YouTube. And I was like, nah, I mean, this was like 2015. This is like 7 years ago. So I was like, man, YouTube is for like cell phone videos and low quality content and toss it not anymore. He said, he said, this is the direction that the market's going the whole time. You've got to put your stuff on YouTube. And he was adamant about it. And I did it. And within like a month, I had a viral video on YouTube. It was when that bear touched my arrow. And that video jump started the bear honey magazine YouTube channel, which built it out. Anyway, so Todd innocent has been influential. It has always really good at giving me feedback. And I barely understand YouTube. Like I'm not someone who's following YouTube. The fact that people can just create content on YouTube in their rooms still breaks my brain. I'm just like, I don't know how people make millions on YouTube, but I'd seen enough quality content in my areas of interest where I knew like, oh, there's stuff here besides just guys with their webcam. I'm talking about what's been going on on the Internet these days amongst the kiddos. There's actually some really nice stuff around here. Yeah. And so it's just like, man, it'll get out there and people will share it for sure. So. Yeah. I was glad to hear that it took off because it was good stuff. I needed to get out there. It still is. Nothing to be ashamed of on that YouTube channel. Well, I've learned inside the media is that you do stuff and then you go back and look at it and it's like a different version of who you are and you're kind of. But there's some there's some real good bear hunts on there. It's a good white tail haunts, too. Speaking of whitetail hunts, I have something I want to show you guys. I have a little something to show you boys. Oh, look at that. Look at that guy. Look at that sucker. That is a skull, a non typical skull. This is a really unusual. So this by the time this render comes out, I will have put this picture on YouTube, the YouTube. On the YouTube channel. On the Instagram, YouTube for pictures. This deer was walking around about 26 hours ago. I killed that during Oklahoma yesterday. This is the one you were going after for days. No negative. Negative, there was a different one. That was a different book. This was the first time I hunted this property in Oklahoma. So let me tell you what we've been doing. For the last 7 days, Mark canyon, Spencer new hearth, Tony Peterson in myself have been hunting. We're basically meat eaters making a whitetail series that's going to come out like in two weeks. We're going to produce a bunch of episodes that document our hunts. And we were hunting in four different states. We actually hunted in, I think, 6 different states between the four of us. In the last week, in the last week, wow. Yeah. I killed that there on the last day of the hunt, man. Who can describe that rack to somebody? It's the one side is really clean and it just has a typical 5 point typical 5 point. The other side looks like something out of a sci-fi fantasy movie. Yeah. Actually. Yeah, it didn't really have a baby. Measuring of that. It's like you melted the bottom. How long is that spike? So basically it has one very clean typical 5 point side. The left side is just a spike of one, two, three, four, 5, 6 points. And the two bottom ones are like horizontal. Yeah, that may be from the base. Facing two different directions 14 and a half inches. 13 and a quarter inches. That is 13 and a quarter. It would be the main beam. You know, it would be a judgment call. That would probably say it's the main being, but okay. And then this would be like the brow time right here. We'll go from the burr. That's about 12 inches. So you're gonna see pictures of this on Instagram and on Instagram, it looks like a 140 150 inch deer. It's not that big. This was a three year old. I don't even know what to do. Is that filter you used to make the deer look bigger? It was just how does that work out? It's just pictures and beer look about 20 inches bigger than they are. They just always do. Their app called antler me. Hey, that's a good-looking deer. I mean, I was expecting it to be less than that. Really? Based on what you said. I'm very impressed with that animal. Man, it was a big, it was a big body there and oh, he came in. Weed hunted 7 days and I never even saw a buck. I would have shot in 7 wow. Full days of hunting in good places. A 103 and a half days in Arkansas, three and a half days in southeast Oklahoma. And a hundred with my friend Alvin grigg, who he and his wife like a week ago, I got he heard what I was trying to do and he said, hey, come on our place. Oh, that's awesome. Super generous. And I went down there and they rolled the red carpet out for me. And he hadn't hunted much out there so he didn't really know he hadn't been out there much this year.

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