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Dollars off all right by the actually before we do Your father what's his name father's father sebastian. Skit i mean you spent bars bro. Yeah it was a lot of road like a full rap verse. Yeah that had to be like thirty two bars. You were like just kept going. Yeah it's a long why i had to match Slim thug's verse cadence so had to go as long as his. Yeah but i mean you know. I respect you have to but you did. I guess i could have cut it. Short really did a skit. A am dj. Who brought on a priest who can rap and got it got. It got banned from dick doc. Because i think you were talking about digital and kids or something. Well it's hard to say. I think it got banned. The i think it got banned the first time because of the beat. Oh music okay. Beat is copy written or the alternative is the part where he says. If you're gail throw you in a volcano anti to it's one of those two. I dressed up as the priest. You or your rap and you did the voice change. Like i mean some of your skits are fucking very funny man you ever since like the plant dad. And what's her name delilah. Shift eliciting felicity the plant. Not was she still alive okay. she's still kicking. okay. I mean she's he's a What are they fucking called snake plan which is a flock in whatever they just don't die literally can't should try to kill us. Yeah i have a couple of those that it's like it's like every three months. I throw just sneezing direction and find. Yeah that's that's funny that you gotta you gotta flesh that one it's like i like my My plants. I like my women stay quiet. They don't require much except spit on..

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