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Water partner, you are climbing a tree much like Rick Devon's day. It's just a family tree set of an idol tree. Okay. Mic. Let's get back to the voicemails. And let's pick up with a question that I think is an interesting one that is from Lindell and Marc Staal ya. In the seasons where there's a really lopsided edit. This storyline really doesn't make a lot of sense until after thing. Finale lucky garland, for example, I think the story being told here's of the first thirteen nothing win up. Otherwise, I think Devon's is coming forth, and this is the weirdest go to edit that I have ever seen. I don't know what the hell's going on. What do you think the story of the season is? Thank you. And congrats Mike. Okay. Thank you, Lindell Lindell. I just shut Lindell the most full bloom wand offer, there is my husband's out to her in every way that was very clean voicemail from Lindell. Very very closely for you. Okay. Mike. Do you think that Rick Devon's could be on his way to a thirteen zero win on Wednesday night? First off it is insane. That yes, we've been going on nineteen years, I survivor, but the fact that we're talking about possible thirteen to nothing jury vote is one of the most regard, Deb, dick Yetlis things. I've heard all right. So here's what I wanna do so thirteen let's forget about thirteen zero. This is the question. I want to ask you that. Do you think that if Rick Devon's goes on to win the game? Will he set the record for the most votes cast for a winner of season? I think in most he will tie. Okay. So so you're you're calling. He will not get more than ten. Yeah. So here's here's what I'm thinking. Sort of sketched out my own little final three here, and knowing how roll my predictions are on the offer mention being be do not take this as any sort of gospel. But the way I feel like I'm partially seeing it again, this is all affected by who comes back from E, which will definitely talk about..

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