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Three laps in the president sat in and then at some point we had a caution or or or went to a commercial. I can't remember which now because it was a long time ago and we went to commercial and a little bit of time a couple three minutes past and you know the president said goodbye to everybody. I assumed that he and the secret services packed their bags and headed head onto their to their next stop and me being a wise acre slash loud mouth that I've always been known debate during the commercial tallies know Barney Hall but the president does a pretty mean throw turned one. He's still with appreciates a couple of days like why new. I don't think I spoke again the rest of the day without knowing for sure that I was supposed to because man when you're getting back doored by the president of the United States. At the time I was a little bit embarrassed but now it's a moment I'll never forget for sure humor is always been a keystone. No one of 'em are ends broadcast style since the network's inception in one thousand nine hundred ninety has the seventies unfolded so did a few new Kooky fads and one in particular started making a regular appearance. You're into NASCAR events streaking and not on the racetrack but nonetheless as anchorman. Ken Squire and the always colorful commentator Dick Brooks witness to streakers at Martinsville. The speedway pages couldn't resist calling the action at Martinsville Virginia. The records today look like they're gonNA go Kaley Berle's way with the exception of one. Unnamed straker breaker swearing and engineers who did about one hundred and fifty feet here right up to the right of our broadcast booth just out of the fourth turn and was not apprehended marvelous run. We have sad news streakers here today streak or number two was just caught. The breaker got away with it didn't make over here to our right. They they nap one. Well I must have simonize on Xtra agreed to have it. We're GONNA have to get him to get him failed. I these bad trouble with the law..

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