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He noted one of the major conferences of ibm on the future of computers the future have robotics and things like that and mytalk i mentioned quantum computers and quantum computers you probably realize now compute in parallel universes they just don't compute in our newtonian universe the computer in parallel universes now here i am in las vegas which was the hometown practically of elvis presley and many people tell me well if there are parallel universes and if quantum physicists talk about this all the time with quantum computers then well is elvis presley alive in another parallel universe and the answer is well you can't rule it out yes there's a possibility that the king is still alive in another parallel universe and that you there's a unlimited number of michaud kacoos out there in the multidiverse right that's right we physicist not believe in the multi a google that word the international conferences or are convenient to talk about the multiversity i've been miniconferences conferences where that was a dominant topic and string theory which is what i do for a living that's my day job that's why i get paid by the city of new york string theory is based on the multidiverse the foundation of string theory is based on multiple universes and so you know i'm staying gives us this picture that the universe is bubble and the bubble's expanding and that's called the big bang theory well string theory says that there are other bubbles out there we live in a bubble bath a bubble bath of parallel universes and our universe is just one bubble and one of these bubbles collide well that's the big bang and so people ask me well what happened before the big bang you know the physics breakdown no string theory doesn't break down at all it actually allows you to go before the creation of the universe when our universe probably had an umbilical cord an ability cord connecting apparent universe and so all these ideas which was once considered quote fringe are now dominating the entire agenda of theoretical physics there was a paper written by these australian physicists cosmologists like within the last three or four weeks which said that reality as we know it doesn't exist at least at the quantum level you know what they mean.

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