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Randolph's near racist rhetoric reflected his assertion that garvey was an alien west indian and not a true american negro national speaking toes. The end of lacey pe- for garvey must go campaign failed in telling move randolph. The supposed socialist and his allies turned to the us empire for help. They openly encouraged repression of the un. I in early january nineteen twenty-three this grouping became alarmed when the chief government witness against gavi and his coming mail fraud. Trial was killed this trader. Ervin j w east of new orleans had been formerly a leader in the way but had been ousted for embezzlement the dying eastern had allegedly identified his assailants as to workers along showman and a painter. Who were you an aa security qadri. The anti gov grouping was seized with fair for themselves will be corrected for their treasonous. Collaboration with the state on january fifteenth nineteen twenty-three constituted themselves as a committee of eight. They wrote to. Us attorney general daugherty begging him to strike down to african nationalists without any delay. This horse this historic. Linda is informative. Dare sir as the chief law enforcement officer of the nation. We wish to call your attention. Heretofore unconsidered menace to harmonious race relations. There are in our midst certain negro criminals and potential murderers both foreign and american born who moved and actuated by intense hatred of the white race. These undesirables continually procreate proclaimed that all white people enemies to the negro. They have become so fanatical that the threatened and attempted to death of their opponents. The movement known as the universal negro improvement association has done much to stimulate the violent temper of this dangerous movement as president and moving. Spirit is one marcus. Garvey an unscrupulous demagogue who has ceaselessly assiduously sought to spread among negroes distrust and hatred of all white people during a is chiefly composed of the most primitive and ignorant element of west indian and american negroes for the above reasons. We advocate the attorney. General uses full influence completely to disband extirpate this vicious movement and that he vigorously and speedily pushed the government's case against marcus. Garvey for using the mails to defraud is future. Meetings should be carefully watch by officers that law and fractures promptly and severely punished the eight who sadly slavish appeal randolph. This honestly professional. Nothing about it were chandler..

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