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Is davis right to see you and thank you for joining us here. You share a little bit about what inspired your interest in aviation and also did you have a mentor inspired. You want your learning how to fly. Absolutely i'm thank you for having me first of all And my story is definitely not your conventional story these days. I don't think of how i got into aviation by. Every story is unique so yours mine. I as a kid really had no family. History aviation didn't know anybody who is a pilot in also really had no exposure to aviation at all. I was actually afraid of flying as a kid. Because i had ear issues. That made it very painful. When i was very young so for years. I refused to even go on an airplane so i was not anywhere nearby. Airplanes airports pilots. Anything like that then. One day in high school. I think it was my sophomore or junior year. I was rolling around on instagram. Like a girl in software or junior year of high school would do. And i was on my instagram explore. Page and i saw a picture of a friend of a friend of a friend posing with a airplane. I think it was a serious looking back. And i think i did a double take because one i did not realize that small planes existed at all. I don't know how thought pilots trained but it definitely was not like that. And i also had no idea that you could just go up and fly for fun. I thought pilots trained to do a job and that was it. And i really didn't even know that much about that side of things either. So that really stuck with me. That picture and i ended up scrolling through this guy's page a little bit more and just seeing all of his adventures that he had gone on in this airplane around the same time i had to start going on commercial flights or college visits and school trips and every time i was on an airplane out of the window in think wow i wish i was flying so i was pretty dead set on going to engineering school so i ended up going to university of michigan for computer science engineering but the thought of flying was always in the back of my head just flying for fun. I never really considered it as a career. Until i've started but it was always in the back of my head is something maybe i would do one summer or just during school and one summer i was fortunate enough to get an internship in the ann arbor area so i had the money to go ahead and do my private flight training

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