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Good morning. Seven. Welcome to the case day radio program as we are deeply deeply. Intertwined into deep into the. Fast food gate. That has the the White House the amount of insanity that his ensued. From an an analyzing standpoint. Following the tragic? Meal selection. I can't even I can't do it. I can not with a straight face sit here and get outraged. Like, I'm having to sit here and sift through this morning over the back, the Donald Trump serve fast food to the Clemson football team, which by the way every time. I think about it. Yes. Ross I to laugh unit thought Ross was on laughing guests this morning. Audience seeing the pictures. It's so insane. Great American food. President king. That's what I. Made this better one. How do you not have Chick-fil-A in there because you know, everyone's gonna get triggered over dole thing in general some too much greater extent. Wait till you hear the analysis from. Yes. CNN also vox who maybe not as high profile. But it's so insane that I'm going to have to share this with you. I this is like literally one of my favorite stories in a long time. I'm sorry. And and the fact is that if it was during the shutdown, let's say, it was the shutdown that during the Obama administration that took place in the funding fight over ObamaCare, which was you know, a couple of what two three weeks or whatever. If if it was do, you think? Stealing part of this. But I I had the same THAAD. Do you not think that the narrative on it would be more of a hip cool vibe like that's a man of the people? We if Barack Obama had done that. And the answer's yes. And by the way, it wouldn't have bothered me. Barack Obama had done it, and you would have journalists talking about their secret fast food, fantasies. Right. What they eat. When no one's looking all of that kind of crap. And the irony is for everyone who's trying to make this into some sort of weird. Scandal the beat all scandals because every everything is. You've taken a non serious story. You've tried to make an exceptionally serious, downright downright horrible. And the irony is the only story that emerges. That is eight legitimate serious story out of this is the one based on your reaction. It shows the level of disconnect that that you have with Joe six pack. You know, the people that voted for Donald Trump. Who are busy because they're contractors or their drivers. Or the isn't that not all of them because that's not how we do things. Even though painting with a broad brush is apparently how they do things over and many of these networks or or their morning radio hosts right who just need something quickly. Because for whatever reason they're hungry in the morning, and they happen to know that the bojangles right around the corner from the radio station here opens at five thirty. But if you're in line about five twenty five the lady who always seems to work it is more than happy to help you out. And so so quick what is what are what what is a Friday tradition or used to be a Friday tradition around here. When one of the other shows in the building would have a studio audience every Friday, what would happen on Fridays. That was this is this is as close as Ross, and I will get to a heist ocean's eleven through thirteen would be the coordinated planning and essential essentially, the theft of what it's time is Bo time because they would bring in bojangles for their audience or not our audience, you know, so let them do their own thing. And the the the the unscripted masses would eat all the chicken biscuits. I so if hit it after the audience got a chance to get at it, then you didn't get a chicken biscuit, and I like the chicken biscuits, so Sumi. So what you would have to do as you would have to find the window the window of time between which the bojangles has arrived in play. Placed displayed for everyone in the break room on a table. But prior to them bringing the audience up the elevators because once the once you get off the elevator. They've heard them into their where they were fed delicious bojangles, and then they would move from there to the studio for again, one of the other shows in the building here. And then all that would be left is a disheveled half eaten ham biscuit, maybe a sausage depending on people's predilections yet too many vegans in the crowd, but ultimately your chances of getting a chicken biscuit, which you can play the punch delicious, Texas p packets on was was pretty slim, so we would have to find that window because Ross and I hate to interact with large swath so people here in the radio studio because apparently will only invite people to the other shows that can't hit a urinal so with that. Right. So we would coordinate this. So we could get a. Chicken biscuit. And I know I'm spelling this out in a very long drawn out banner. But it was it was frigging art. Okay. Operation bojangles down the pants, a go, go go double time. Yes. And whoever whoever struck upon the window. I was obligated under penalty of death to make the heist. Okay. Does. That mean, it's the only thing that we eat. No. Good Lord people. You're freaking out over him serving a bunch of. Do you know, do you know, what most most college kids would do if you lead them into a room, not just any room a room adorned with candelabras they cost more than the the entirety of the food in there. And it was supermarket. Sweep addition of all of the fast food that they would consume. And yes, I know that they're college athletes, and I I yeah. I had a buddy was a college athlete, and they're very nutritionally minded except sometimes when they'll eat a Wendy's burger feel bad about it. And then go do their thing. You know, why? 'cause you're still you're showing those college years, and I didn't juicy anyone looking upset in the room when they were filming the the the Clemson team no zero upset looking people to be fair. Mcdonald's can be kind of gross if it's cold, right? There's no Clinton buy some food. Yes. Fries. That being said if I were to walk into a room like to walk in my studio this morning, not just your studio anywhere. But I'm saying as an example, I walk into my studio this morning, and there's eight thousand. Fresh big Macs. I I would devour all of the no you would be I would share some with you know, you wouldn't. Okay. I would eat them. What? You're on a diet that's true meat and potatoes Razzano potato diet because he's Irish and he's a stereotype neither tough diet. He's on the Irish potato in whiskey. I'm on the pendulum Kevin Smith diet for the first twelve days enough, but plain a plain potatoes. Wouldn't that be the worst though, you did walk in, and there is eight thousand big Macs and the sorted other items in there, I would have to break the diet really have to. Wow, your willpower is overwhelming. This is what we're freaking out. And and and the I'm gonna play the audio for you know, this is not the biggest story going on today. But it's the most damn amusing. So we're going to milk it for everything that's worth we've got. We got thirteen audio cuts twelve of which are no excuse me. Nine of which are just about the Trump food gate. Great American food. Oh, wait, wait for this audio plus the freakout reactions, and I'll give you a rundown of what else is coming up right now. Your Bloomberg minute is brought to you by Hendrix business systems. This is a Bloomberg market minute. Wall Street started the week with a losing session. The key indexes had losses ranging from a third of a percent to nearly one percent more quarterly results around the way from the financial sector. J P Morgan Chase Wells Fargo and several regional banks will check in today. Delta Airlines and United health are also scheduled to report Paul idle men of Russell investments talked to Bloomberg radio. The fourth quarter earnings season is going to be incredibly important given evidence of a global slowdown. A lot of angst in the business survey's around the impact of trade uncertainty on to supply chains and CEO confidence city group released its results yesterday. It's prophet top. Forecasts three Federal Reserve Bank presidents will be speaking in their districts today. The Labor Department will release the December producer price index before the markets opened this morning. We also get red books weekly update on retail sales and regional manufacturing gauge from the New York fed Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg radio. All right. It is six sixteen the full rundown of fast food gate next on the Casey o'day radio program. Iheartradio has.

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