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Already Pittsburgh sports stars through and through and a great sports fan and you could see it incense and and his new film bottom of the ninth in theaters now was released last Friday good to see you Joe Manganiello holiday but great rich thank you have made the tourists are you won T. P. show last week I saw you on Fallon were you having fun at the expense of sports broadcasters on Jimmy Fallon little bit I little bit yeah how you doing my I was doing my kind of a a late Harry Carey Kerry like which which is like just one beer in two beers in or something like that that's right I don't know the moon is made of green cheese with whole laws would shade of brown Reagan does cool yeah yeah you Keenan Thompson and and and Fallon yeah yeah as it will put we played mad libs right so we came up with all these crazy words not knowing what was going to happen next yes and then they work them into based baseball sports cast with the three of us were there the cashier I mean that's that's sounds like of my job in a very gentle very strange you know yeah you do like bad sever on shows are people like a rich fifty Bucks work in aluminum siding somewhere you have to do so Joe the numbers I I'm the number of times I have received a text from people to say would you say this on the air right now I I've done it take anybody off for now I mean I I did not for money or anything like that as Dan Patrick had me say grilled cheese for two on the air because will Ferrell one on his show and dared me to be able to do it so I was on a Thursday night football set I think it was in Jacksonville it was very strange and I asked the a stage manager can you please get me a grilled cheese before the end of the show and I did that it was a money it was no money it was just pride I do it for pride you know a different produce for money and then and then it's it's the it's the forgiveness instead of permission thing where you know than a of a suit will come to you after he was always with the grilled cheese thing and I'm like well I was doing it for will Ferrell and Dan Patrick I don't explain my R. as the answer Houston at Jacksonville that's it December fifth twenty thirteen grilled cheese for two that's caught up on the six year anniversary of something that nobody thinks is an anniversary let's put it that we've also done flinch ball on there you said a lot of things out there has done that I've done it Jody what you need me to say I got offered a hundred Bucks by the former editor of people magazine to answer a question any question on a talk show with sadly Faye Dunaway okay let me see if I can ask the question on the spot right here sadly easier is there is there anybody that you use Super Bowl window isn't closing the fastest let's go to the poll rich you have an answer sadly Faye Dunaway so I would just window close yeah you have five hundred on the whole question would be cleared so you had me asked that we we ask the question yeah earlier on who Super Bowl window is closing the fastest right which quarterback yeah and it was Roethlisberger and it was Philip rivers and it was drew Brees and was Erin Rogers and then was winning that Paul correct yeah thirty five percent in that poll now you have added I said take and Rogers output Brady yeah right yeah Rogers out put Brady and has that affected the results at all yeah okay what I got Ben Roethlisberger now forty four percent Tom Brady Tom Brady in the last place ten percent okay so iron Rogers was stealing some of Ben's ve votes of no confidence for that but I think Jill I like I mean I don't understand like our our is Green Bay where were they in a Superbowl window I mean were we looking at them last year as a contender that's my question the other side of it is like okay I understand like you don't know Orleans made the playoffs I like I like I I I get that part of it you know when I get that okay the Steelers like we didn't last year we had a very odd year and I and I think that that's what's reflecting it but like this Philip rivers in a Super Bowl window I mean all right now I think that when this one was San Diego's what like we actually won super bowls and and went to a bar and you know I know the Chargers are definitely in the Superbowl when a right now I think I would I would I would push back on that a little bit with you but I understand last year Green Bay when felt when Erin Rogers hurt his knee and you'd is needed are herculean effort just to beat the bears who at the time in week one we didn't think was a playoff team as they turned out to be and so that we're wondering what that roster is gonna look like anybody was expecting my yeah but you know the drill I mean no no brown no belt no shot Joe I mean that's really that is it okay yes that is what we make the playoffs last year with those guys on roster now grand one of them didn't show up because James Connor was running so well mid season I mean look if you're gonna come back during the bye week in that your plan would send your backup is running out of his mind and you're gonna ride the bench is the number to running back that's not gonna help your market value so of course you don't come back to the team I mean I'm just saying like we didn't make the playoffs with the distractions and everything going on last year so you don't use that is part of the as well as you well know that is part of that is a a a fallacious I guess storyline is that bell totally ruin their chances of making it when he didn't come back because when he didn't come back you eat they they were at an all time high when he decided not to come back and there was no drama they started losing games even and Joe Haden just on I mean you know right that call doesn't happen in the warm winds it's a different season you know I mean maybe AB doesn't even leave I mean it you know what I mean like there are is a big moment it was a big moment I mean Connor got her to the high ankle sprain was a total cross yeah and then it with our back up comes in and rushes for a hundred forty yards mean you have to give credit to the Steelers line I mean there's like some of the best lineman in the league on that line so you know you can question your value our running backs value but you know the end of the day I think you know is they've proven you can plug next guy up our into our line that guy's gonna run for about fifty so what do you think what are you expecting this season I like this is a hundred dollars I think everybody in Pittsburgh likes us as underdogs whenever they say we're gonna win we don't and when they when they're not looking at us that's that's what it historically happens forest in the modern Steelers here so you know I'm I'm I'm fine with all of that I I like the team I think Pittsburgh loves this team you know I mean do we wish that layers behaviors would have been different sure of course we do but it is what it is and it's not like we didn't know who those guys were anyway so I like the distractions gone look man we make the playoffs it's a better season than last year and that's the goal right now I think we got a great team like like coach taught like coach T. said we have a wide receiver who is an all pro one running back was all pro last year so let's not forget about those guys well the issue joy Mangano here I'm to continue playing devil's advocate that dude you wouldn't have had this season that he had if Antonio brown was in on the other side drawing double teams and having the attention of the defensive coordinator and staff the entire week long because of who he is can't you can't you can't argue that a one two receiver combination tandem bike benefits from each other of course yeah that and number two receivers and benefit from number one in you know what we're gonna say I mean are you trying to say the G. J. Campion number one I mean I I disagree with that I would disagree with that uses Ventas I would disagree with that yeah I don't you can be one and then the question is who would be the two we look at the could be the two who could step in and maybe have that you choose the Jewish your role I mean I I think I think James Washington has shown potential and now it's time for him to step up yep I think you know we're graded drafting wide receivers I mean and that's the thing you know people don't want to give Ben creditors windows because Ben led the league in passing last year you know and if you look at it from the start of Ben's careers weather wars Hines ward in Plaxico Burress or Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes or you can just just plug receivers and he's always he's made receivers and to what they are the reason we could let Mike Wallace go when he was asking for more money work because you know Ben was thrown balls of this young kid name Antonio so now it's Tony has gone we got you it's it's it's gonna be fine it's going to be fine the quote Aaron Rodgers R. paraphrase judges you he has shown a lack of relax relax yeah you know it's interesting again that they just we've discussed it off air and of little bit last time you were here is that the Steelers have never really been in the like not sense Bobbi Brister that nobody believes on us I'm sorry extension number I remember vividly those that was making her going up like I was born in the seventies all you heard about was a Steelers championships and then I was ever signed as parking for the eighty Steelers was completely different right but yeah we've been contenders for a long time which I think speaks to the strength of the organization and you look at other organizations that have trouble pulling out winning seasons like the one that everyone's talking about one in Super Bowl this year in our division I mean you got to have a winning season first guy you know that's what I get is that I don't look at me Joe I'm back you on this is I know it was like all right I'll I'll believe it when I see is you know I mean you can't you can't begrudge Browns fans for being outside no and that's the thing is that for the last twenty odd years it's like people like I'm from Cleveland I'm sorry it's okay but I'm not mad at you I'm not even higher register you know when it's gold is really tell me when you're selling Mr you know like what we're we're not medically then we never happened but now okay now it's like all right your play all right let's play I don't know you got the nets you got the clippers suddenly they have players you got the Browns maybe so maybe the script browser the clippers I understand that this business they're just they're scripts flipping all over the place you know you never know okay well congratulations you won a game last year but congrats right here we go thank you that's what I'm excited for the parade after the week one win against Tennessee all man you should be quiet because this Steelers teams coming into your house there your banner raising night and can actually make your life very made right we would pass loss to the chief resident in a couple years we are in the past the past two years not a big deal of that work in the playoffs not a big deal Steelers won the past two years in the playoffs against the paths in the blast yeah Jesse James Bond that bomb member they change that rule he's bringing a bringing up the fact that they had to be but after further review I mean I'm just saying I am may have changed the rule they change the role yeah largely because of that Joe Manganiello here on the rich Eisen show I like it's saucy it's better football season we are here we have arrived man let's go I know I can't wait.

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