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Of Sri Lanka. Why To support Sri longan. Think tanks. Wait a minute. Now. This makes no Sense whatsoever. You got American people dying over here because of this pandemic. Families being destroyed their life savings being destroyed the losing Their homes, their businesses. They've lost their jobs. They can't feed their families. You got American people who are committing suicide. Why? Because they're not getting the financial relief. That's entitled to the American people. But yet Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham. Nancy Pelosi. Chuckie Schumer. These devils from both right and left left and right. There are two heads of the same snake. They have approved $100,000 check. Not that we sent to the American people for covert 19 relief, but to be sent to the government assure E. Lanka to support Get this now. Three long can think tanks. I'm not against the people off Sri Lanka. I'm not against the people of Singapore. I'm not even against the people of Afghanistan in the nation of Kenya. What the bishop is against. Is the global bound from it loose a fairing hep to gone deep state that we call the swamp. The fallacy of Bill back better here on Global Spiritual Revolution radio. $37,500,000 Was spent. To help deal with Feeling Filipino youth women. Wait, wait, wait. 37 new million $500,000 was sit in air Mark. Both Congress in the Senate here in the United States to the nation of the Philippines. Help that nation. Called the Philippines. How to deal with Filipino youth as far as crime. And in order for them to get a proper education. This is government waste. Ladies and gentlemen. This is the sigh up of communism. Yes, I said to you last week. The Monica that Joe Biden Build back better. That came from the 18 48 Communist manifesto. Written both by Karl Marx and Frederick Angles, the fathers of this disease in this cancer called communism, socialism and Fascism. Communism and socialism or the twin Demons of deception who has given birth to what we call fascism. $37,500,000 was sit to the government of the Philippines to help the government of the Philippines deal with Philip, You know you to make sure they get a proper education. As if the governor of the Philippines they don't have any money at all. This makes no sense. This is the policy of build back better $25,000 with scent. Help on employed Romanian. Wait, Wait, wait, wait $25,000 with said With the approval of both House in Senate in D. C. The Swamp last year, $25,000 with set to the nation over met of Romania. Help them with the unemployment status. That's not our responsibility as president, Trump said. Four years ago during his inauguration. Every nation is responsible for their own welfare and their sovereignty, not the United States. This is the fallacy of Bill back better. $30,000 cannot continue 30 found was in dollars. Was sent To Mumbai, India. For what To put on fear I This is so embarrassing to put on cinematic or theatrical plays in Mumbai, India. This makes no sense. What so ever The American people are dying. Yet lazy. Graem met Romney, Mitch McConnell. Nancy Pelosi. Heresy. Maxine Waters, who's in another scandal there, telling your 9 $2000 is too much for you to have So we're going to give you a $600 check. But we're going there sin. To the city and state and government of Mo by India. $30,000 check so we can support their cinematic Place in that field, and they're on their theatrical place. That's how that has nothing to do with covert 19 relief. This is government waste. It gets better here. Concerning the fallacy of build back better. $10 million. With it. To the nation of Zimbabwe. For the past. Five years. Going back to 2015 come on up to December of 2020. Last month. When this up, it came out when Senator Rand Paul Great Patriot from the great State of Kentucky exposes government waste. $10 million. From 2015 to 2020 were sent to the government of Zimbabwe to monitor the elections. But that money should have been spent here. Keep us in an honest election. So that the corporations the voting corporations like Dominion. Had rigged this passing let you but yet we were sending the government of Zimbabwe a $10 million check so we can help them monitor their elections. Oh, please. But this is the policy of Bill back better. Those of you who voted for Joe Biden went ever happens on want you to hear me to night? Whatever happens in the next four years, you deserve it. This is the policy of build back better. Which was the brainchild. Ah, both Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who then later on build back better became the political skin medical structure off the Soviet Union during the downfall. Of Czar Nicholas the second And the Romanoff's during the October 1917 rebel Russian Revolution or Bolshevik Revolution. Lenin, Trotsky, installing That moniker Woz build back better. $2 million. Can I take my time $2 million Was spent by the United States government to start A venture capital fund for bad investments. Are you kidding me? $2 million was spent last year from the United States government. Distort a venture capital fund for bad investments. Now you got C Do you understand the corruption of Wall Street? Not just burning made off. Well, also, the corruption of Wall Street and connection to Joe Biden. We're talking to fallacy of Bill back better. Wait a minute, So you're gonna give The ones Who had almost.

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