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Did an extraordinary thing after he decided not to pursue criminal prosecution of Richard Nixon. After Watergate. He went by himself to the House of Representatives, the president of the United States and sat alone at the witness table and explain to the American people. Why, and I don't know how they will approach these prosecutions. Hell will approach the question of Donald Trump. Whatever they decide to do. They have to share the why, with the American people to generate that trust. It's a really interesting challenge. It's a very daunting one. I want to thank you for the time you've given us, Jim, I'm gonna ask you one last question, and it can be just one phrase. What's next for Jim Comey? Not this. Not. I am excited, and I love you. But I'm excited about not being part of public life any longer. I'm looking forward to January 21st, which coincidentally, is my first day teaching at Columbia University. And so that's what I'm gonna do. Next. Fair enough. Thank you for the time. I think you made us some news. And you answered some really interesting questions by appreciate it. And I want to thank all of our audience at Washington Post Live. Thanks for your interests. Your keen watching. Thanks for being here. We'll look forward to the next time Carol lending of the Washington Post investigative reporter serving his moderator, those remarks from former FBI director James Comey. The conversation took place yesterday. Next time See Spain Radio. The American Medical Association president, Dr Susan Bailey talks about the Corona virus pandemic. And about vaccine distribution she did at an event hosted by the National Press Club, joined by the press club President Michael Freeman. Welcome to the National Press Club, the world's leading professional organization for journalists. I'm Michael Friedman, the 113th, president of the National Press Club. I'm the former general manager of CBS Radio Network, now journalist in residents at University of Maryland Global campus and executive producer of the Cowboy Report. Public Broadcasting series moderated by journalist Marvin Kalb. We thank you for joining us today for our first virtual newsmaker program of 2021 with Dr Susan Bailey, the 175th, president of the American Medical Association. We're pleased to accept questions from our journalists. Tuning in today of Alaska's many as time permits to submit a question, please email headliners at press dot or g'kar since January 21st 20 20 just shy of one year ago. More than 373,000. People across the United States have now lost their lives to covert 19, with the total number of cases topping 22,300,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Dr Susan Bailey joins us Today as covert 19 cases continue to soar across our nation and with the development of two vaccines, relief cannot come soon enough. Dr Bailey will discuss Lessons learned from covert, 19 and 2020 and what the AM a believes is needed now to prevent further infections and ensure widespread vaccine distribution. A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Dr Bailey has been an allergist and immunologist in private practice for more than 30 years and advocate for physician autonomy and private practice. Doctor Bailey is held numerous leadership positions within the AM a, including speaker and vice speaker of the organizations. House of delegates, chair of both the advisory panel on women in medicine and the AM a council on medical education. Her service in organized medicine extends to the local and state levels as well where she has served as board chair and president of the Tarrant County Medical Society and as vice speaker, speaker and president of the Texas Medical Association. Dr Bailey Welcome to the National Press Club. Thank you, Michael. And thank you to the National Press Club for the opportunity to address your members and the public about the current state of the covert 19 pandemic And what happens next? We have arrived in 2021 with much hope. But many questions about the year ahead. There's a seismic change in leadership at the federal level, with a new administration and new members of Congress there too safe and effective vaccines for covert 19 now that are in circulation with other promising vaccines in the late stages of development, millions of physicians, nurses and other frontline health care workers have already received the first doses of the back. Scene, so two of other high risk communities, But the reality is that this novel coronavirus remains a very deadly foe. And we're far from the finish line. Our country records about a million new confirms Copan 19 cases every week. And just last week, our country reached the grim milestone. Ah, 4000 dead to Covic 19 in a single day, far more than the number of Americans lost on 9 11. Many areas of the country or experiencing record case surges. They're flooding emergency departments in intensive care units. In other areas. First responders were having to make agonizing choices about home to treat for routine health emergencies to ease overcrowding at local hospitals. With hospital stretched at or near the breaking point. Some are even forced to treat patients and cafeterias and hallways and conference rooms. Meanwhile, a new and were contagious variant of covered 19th that has been wrecking havoc in the UK has now been discovered in the United States. Still far too many physicians and other health care workers lack the personal protective equipment they need to keep themselves and the loved ones safe. Front line responders are exhausted. A burned out, and they wonder how much longer they can last. And while safe and effective vaccines aren't hand the distribution mechanisms that state and local levels have been slow, inconsistent and severely hampered by unrealistic expectations and a lack of coordination at the federal level. This in action at the highest level of our government has placed yet another daunting burden on the shoulders of state and local officials, who lack the resource is sufficient guidance and the support they need to handle a health emergency of this magnitude on their own. We've learned much in our response to covet 19 and 2020. Excuse me, the painful lessons of our long national nightmare run deep. But the most important lesson for this moment and for the year ahead is that leaving state and local officials to shoulder this burden alone without adequate support from the federal government. It's not going to work. 50 different strategies across 50 different states will continue to sow confusion and slow the process. The urgency of this moment demands a comprehensive and coordinated federal response. As president of the American Medical Association and a champion for physicians and patients across the country. I call upon the incoming Biden administration to implement a national strategy and provide states and local jurisdictions with additional resource is guidance and support to enable rapid distribution and administration of vaccines. The and my urges the Biden administration to talk with states to identify gaps and vaccine distribution and to work collaboratively to address areas of concern..

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