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Total is so. We're still small so we have Three full-time engineers were actually hopefully bringing on a fourth engineer very soon Just had an interview last week and We'll actually five counting myself so five. Fulltime engineers is still small team and we have a designer founder. We have someone a fulltime working on community outreach and then we have Some part time people working. So we have someone in the philippines working on site and We're going to try to get some interns as well to help us out with Could really focus on the local community so we really would love to have as many people in the local communities as possible you know potentially working in some sort of affiliate capacity. Yeah so it's like ten people may give or take our part time but you're still pretty swim. Yeah well that's still. I mean that's that's really awesome and i feel like i know when i i used to work at a startup. I was about like the fifteenth person. It was in person. It wasn't remote but that was such a special time. Like i look really like. When i look back on that time i remember very fondly and i loved working at the company when it was that small actually made me realize. I really like well now. I just work by myself. So it's really small just me but it made me really learn a lot about myself and kind of my work preferences and yes. I really liked the small close knit environment. So anyhow yeah. I it sounds like a great size of a company so we have to wrap things up. But is there any final advice that you could just leave listeners. Who are going to code right now. And maybe they're in a situation that you were back in twenty twelve twenty thirteen where things just feel that. They're moving really slow in. Maybe not where they want to be in their lacking confidence would say number one you can do it believe in yourself that that may sound a little cheesy but you definitely will face things that seem insurmountable but keep going do a little bit at a time and you'll gain more confidence and then you'll be able to take on something a little bigger the next time. This is a great industry to be in a. It's an opportunity that's life changing i. I didn't necessarily get in this just for the money. But to be honest i've been i've been able to provide for my family in a way that i never thought possible had i gone. Let's say a safer route more traditional route. You know we would have been fine but now You know. I was able to provide to move my family into a bigger house. A better neighborhood Safer neighborhood you know. This is potentially life changing. It's worth the work. And i would say a lot of people have have come through have felt those feelings of not being enough of not being able to do this and i say you. You can definitely do this my background. I don't have an engineering degree. That wasn't my background. And you know. I was able to do this. I realized that. I probably have privileged. That helped me that you may or may not have if you're listening to this But you you have value you have because of who you are as an individual you have value to this industry and there is going to be a company that is going to recognize that value and in wanna pay good money to be there in into good work so So keep at it awesome. Thank you so much jesse again for coming on. Where can people find you online. So i'm most active probably on my my youtube channel And i'm also on twitter. Jessie are weigel on twitter on instagram. As well jesse dot weigel on on instagram and join me. Join me for a livestream sometime in. Feel free to ask me any questions that you have a semi. Dm on twitter something. I'm i'm happy to answer any questions that anybody has. Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the industry for a while. I love helping people gain confidence and learn how to code So feel free to reach out awesome. Thank you again you welcome. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. If you missed anything or like a recap.

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