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In the news center. Jim cross KTAR news is on the economy. Arizona was recently ranked by a wallet, HUD, as the eighteenth state most economically impacted by immigration valley economist Jim Brown's tells KTAR he's not surprised by the lower than expected ranking considering this is a border state. We have to make sure that we have opportunity for all over different segments in terms of demographics, and that's the Hispanic community job creation education levels things like that are going to be critical for our future round says Arizona is a hot spot for bringing in foreign students who are going to be business leaders and also as a strong Hispanic community. That starting businesses, and creating wealth KTAR is on immigration and Arizona politician Republican is urging President Trump to flex his political muscle to build the border wall. Congressman Andy Biggs tells Fox News. The cartels are working together to sneak drugs and human just the border, and it has to be stopped. If you don't want to face it. It is a crisis. You've got your head in the sand. And that's the problem that we have the Democrats control the house. Now, I think we reached the point where the president's going to have to say titled ten gives them some forty I think to take that authority and use it a big says titled ten under the US code will allow the president to use available funds to build the wall and other necessary infrastructure. Cities in Arizona are high on the list of the best places to get married Scottsdale. Come in.

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