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So supposedly based on everything. You just told us that that confirms my research. The valentine's did not want greg to debut as valentine so he calls himself baby face nelson which i think is a fucking great wrestling name. Did you see that nelson. I go for that. Yeah but he looks like baby face. Nelson they'll al capone gang and shit so he spent join gangs this israel boys and girls My daughter. Kansas got her very first job. She's done the korean barbecue shop. So that's bruce's favorite foods so that's why we has. I not here in town. And bruce is in the wrestling bubble conversation with my daughter. He says so like can work. She answers how school she answers awkward. Silence and then. Bruce cuts a piece of his bogey or whatever and then says so. Are you in a game i said. Did you join a gang yet. Fair question just hilarious huntsville alabama. After six months in calgary he moves onto detroit and completes his training under the chic with his pedigree. Being johnny valentine son and being trained by stu hart and the chic. I guess it's no surprise. That hammer had quite the run and wrestling. What was the reputation of sheikh. As a trainer. We've heard all about stu hart and the dungeon as a trainer but what about the chic chic was mean son of a bitch to again. These are old timers the that taught you to reality is it. Is this respect. The business and the reality the business and if you couldn't hold up your end if you couldn't if there wasn't a confidence that you could go into any bar anywhere in the united states and walkout being able to kick most anybody's ass in that bar and then you didn't long in the business. Yeah so it explains a lot about greg because people always talk about just how unmercifully tough. Greg was His upbringing in his training and his first few years in the business was was just that i know you know Johnny had a buddy roberts who became valentine at one point his career But it was a free and took an asshole but nobody else will. Somebody had to. Yeah michael please. So let's talk about this. You said a you. Remember valentine texas. Did you see greg and texas ashok greatest fargo as far as you ever see him as greg valentine yes in texas i will. I will look and see if i have. There is a picture of greg ground line and it's like wrestling pictures. You got his fist up. He's got another His other hand up. Like a elbow smash. I know that picture. Okay and i would draw lines as if his hair was combed straight back on that picture the habit in a program somewhere just to say that that is i mean because you know you couldn't deny that he was johnny valentine's kid i say so you as a little kid rock shining valentine's something yeah related but then they they said oh shining. Valentine's brother He's younger brother. He heads to florida and becomes. Johnny valentine junior before settles on greg the hammer valentine so i guess this is a move. Nobody wants to be the senior. Perception's reality you don't ever want to be perceived as being too old and maybe not a physical threat. Anyway japan in the mid seventies before his world turned upside down as you mentioned his father's part of that infamous plane crash with ric flair. David crockett Ultimately he's not going to be entering performer. Moving forward his father. Johnny we mean but greg is quickly brought to mid-atlantic to replace his father and man. His career jump started from there. He retires johnny. We were teams with ric flair. They become the nwea world tag team champions and it's kind of fun to see the royal rumble. Ninety two all those years later and flair and valentine or trading chops but way back in seventy six they were the tag champs. Everything in wrestling's full circle isn't it usually yeah. Greg was able to know horrible capitalize off something like that but at the same time greg was logical choice and it was it kinda put greg and his rightful spot. You know what. I mean as as jami son and let them have it man. He was johnny son. And i like greg was proudly johnny son especially in the wrestling business to a point but it it was. It was logical. Greg makes his biggest mark. In nineteen seventy seven he defeats wahoo mcdaniel for the mid atlantic heavyweight title and of course breaks his leg This is the classic an iconic opera wa whose leg. then we've all seen that shirt and old images even if he didn't live through the angle it has become an iconic angle shirt as a result. We're you seeing stuff like this in the crockett era. Just through the magazines at the time. Yeah that's all you saw that point. Was you got the. The pro. wrestling illustrated was thing at that point yet. The wrestler breslin wrestling or view wrestling monthly. And that stuff. I gotta figure out what was going on elsewhere around the world the whole opera. Coie whose leg t-shirt boy. That was just a house ahead of its time marketing yeah mansions. I had sold the thing. I just really think have been huge. It is it a surprise to you that given his pedigree and has quote unquote work rate. And all that and believability that he was never interviewed world champion hard he not really fit the mold. But you just take a look at champions from that era anything. Great could have been the one of those guys. Greg could have been one of those guys definitely. Because i think greg could have handled the travel and greg could handled anybody in any rain anywhere in the world so i don't know again the championship committee. If you will people that would make those determinations and make those choices. A lot of times. Didn't always have really good rymer reasons why they chose certain guys do it other than they wanted to get their territory guy. Yeah they won't take their they want their guy from their territory being the top guy so when he dropped it he came back and he was former champion. I'm glad you mentioned that. Because you know. Recently i've been having conversations and some other podcasts. About how the old system you know was almost mob like you know instead of there being the head of the five families that we hear about you know from the the mafia here are all these heads of the territories and they're gonna get together one big annual convention and decide. We're going to give you this guy and you're gonna take that gun here's our turf and but politics were always a part of wrestling that sign a new thing right but not everybody got to participate in those right. Not everybody got to participate in the meetings. When it came down to the meetings to determine the jambi was going to be what big moves there might be. It was only a few guys very closed off very closed off. And if you if you warn a card carrying member and in a And even if you were in the meeting it didn't mean you had any stroke. No because but but the smaller meeting the decision making meeting. yes yeah. They're only if you guys in that. Usually consistent like fred's eddie graham jim barnett Mushnik and roy shire. I don't even know. Roy even made those because roy didn't believe in the nba championship. He thought it was the fucked. I need them for. So let's keep it on track here talking about valentine. He has a brief stint with the w. w. w. f. But given the success of what happened in mid atlantic they thought well. Hey why not bring it up here. So what he no he wants breaking the leg of chief jay strongbow. We've often said here on the show. It's almost a thing in the wwf. You're bald and have not somebody who's gonna hit you with a fucking car. You're a native american. Greg bells looking to bust your leg-up men..

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