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That again and mental different choices or not done anything and just enjoy the summer off but you don't know no one knew friends was going to be when during that summer and you know the between first and second season friends i went and did the monkey baseball movie was supposed to be diz like disneyesque kids movie that universal was doing i want to some screenings it was done i saw little kids having a great time kids love that yeah no so with it did what it was designed to do and then you know i did another one was probably not a great choice i've made great choices in films but so what would experience a film actor on top of being on tv show was that important like back then yeah that was sort of wanted to like movies were where was i wanted get into movies and i think that's how everybody thought now you know i'm fifty fifty one this summer i could give shit about being business i just want some time off was directing something that ever start appeal to i know that schwimmer we have on the spot guess i think he started doing it while friends a bunch of funds never really appeal to you though or was it's more appealing now than it was them i don't know if it's something more do not i don't really know yeah so i don't think about it too much so over those years though between friends ends in two thousand four episodes starts in two thousand eleven over those seven years were you still regularly in touch with david not super regularly know but you know from time to time check in yeah only because i guess you get this call and i wondered how out of the blue it was that what he and his partner jeffrey had an idea yeah the calmness hey we're going to do for show i said really okay great stewart said you wanna have the ideas oh find mika i just there's a trust level i know that the thing that i know about working with david and jeffrey is are people going to watch it who knows you that's how you control is going to be good i would bet that it would be right i i know that the quality of the of the material will be good i know that the production value will be good because they know what they're doing will people watch it that's out of everyone's hands that's up to the network what's it up against what the time you know what i mean so many variables you don't have control over so they wouldn't tell you what it was over the phone but you got together at a hotel we had lunch in santa barbara and they pitched to me the entire first season with no notes just off the top of their head what are you thinking when they're telling you just underlying concept that we're going to be taking you matlock a real person and putting quotes around your name essentially but like i would be concerned only question would understand that plan myself was at me and he said well on documentary right it's a character it's basically we're gonna take the public's perception of celebrity use your name because you because of friends and the fame we're gonna use your name and make a fictitious matt leblanc and you know we're together we go step by step if it's something you don't.

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