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On the year. Brandon Nimmo hit his eighth home run in a losing effort. You know it wasn't New York's night when the Phillies scored on a pop -up that fell between Cisco, Lindor and Tommy Pham. Mets also like the Yankees dropped seven of ten. They're in fourth place so 14 Atlanta. behind They lost in Cincinnati 11 to 10. Nine home runs hits the Reds. Break them up. Hottest team in baseball. They've won 12 in a row. Their rookie Elliott De La Cruz hit for cycle. the First for Cincy since 1989. Mets and the Phillies they'll go at it in game two from Philadelphia. Also at 405 on Saturday. Max Scherzer goes to work for New York and battles Christopher Sanchez. Golf the Travelers Championship from Connecticut. Denny McCarthy and Keegan Bradley atop the leaderboard at 15 under par through round two. A two -stroke lead. Roy McElroy seven back. Scottie Scheffler eight off the pace. US men's soccer news Weston McKinney and Sergio Dest also receiving suspensions for the red card against Mexico and the WNBA the Liberty lighted up nine three -pointers to down the Atlanta dream. 110 to 80 with your Bloomberg sports update. I'm Rob Buschka. This is a Bloomberg Money Minute. Sales data indicate motorcycle makers have some work to do to appeal those to who are born to be mild and green. Get your motor running. More than 25 million motorcycles were sold around the world last year but only 3 percent were electric. The electrification of other two -wheeled vehicles such as mopeds and scooters is well underway. Harley -Davidson, Honda, Yamaha and others are just starting to expand their electric cycle lineups. One American manufacturer, Curtiss Motorcycles, has gone all in. It only makes electric motorcycles. Curtiss CEO, Matthew Chambers, has a goal of making Curtiss the valuable most American maker of electric motorcycles by 2030. The way we're going to do that is by a hitting bogey of 50 million of sales around 27 -28 but bringing in a 50 percent gross mark. Jeff Bellinger, Bloomberg Radio Adopt. if there's one thing i appreciate in life it's a nice cup Posty, what are you talking about? There's really so many different things you can do with a big old 32 ounce Post Malone Raising Cane's collector's cup. Well it's great for sweet tea and lemonade. That's just the tip of the iceberg Todd. I guess you could fill it up with straight cane Now you're talking. Fill it all the way up to the brim with sauce. Are you sure? If you fill it they will come. Head to your closest Raising Cane's and add a Post Malone collector's cup to your favorite Chicken Finger combo. Raising Cane's Chicken Finger. One love. Oh cool! Cane is here too! US Kids Presents. What to expect when you're expecting. A treasure. Learning the lingo. GOAT. G -O -A -T. Acronym. Stands for Greatest of All Time. As in spaghetti sandwiches for dinner. They're my fave. Dad, you're the OAT. You don't have to speak teen to be a perfect parent. Thousands of teens in foster care will love you just the same. Visit AdoptUSKids .org. Brought to you by the US Department of Health and Human Services AdoptUSKids and the Ad Consul. From New York another update on Wall Street in fact records to London. UK businesses are feeling the effects of higher prices. To home call. The hang sang down about 1 .3 percent right now. 24 -7 business and market news that expands your world view. Always nice to see you French finance minister. I'm much more concerned about how things flow out of China. Bloomberg Radio. The Bloomberg Business App and Bloomberg Radio .com. Bloomberg. The world is listening. Not completing high school is more of a social thing than it was an academic thing. Even though all these years have passed I still have that longing to have my diploma. At age 30 Carissa finished her high school diploma. If you're even considering getting your high school diploma you can do it. No one gets a diploma alone. you're If thinking of finishing your high school diploma you have help. Find free adult education classes near you at finishyourdiploma .org. That's finishyourdiploma

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