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Now he is paid you can make up for your mistake could keep right on trucking without even stopping anyone for the right left right combination known as the S. right hand turn over to right hand turn for it's all up hill and flat on the hammer in third gear they'll ship the high here at the top of the essence you get off course here there is no forgiveness none whatsoever just a couple layers layers of baby blue armco barrier that are not forgiving what so ever bill spell off here and back head to the back straight away where waiting to watch it all happened is RJ some toy thank you Dave good afternoon everyone right now the field filing by off the back straight away a hundred eighty miles an hour on the backstretch which measures a half mile in length and then it's a quick right left left right combination for what is known as the bus stop sometimes called the chicane or the inner loop to slow the cars down and they will a hundred eighty miles an hour down to ninety miles per hour that back out of the bus stop in on the main course downhill Rhonda to turn number five all long sweeping right hander that is known as the carousel because of that long downhill run that turns the feel completely around here at the south end of the course and directs the back up toward the north end over on the west side at that point they will race toward our Kyle Ricky of Killingly Connecticut all right thank you very much Kurt Becker and good afternoon everybody from a black broadcast platform just to the inside of turn number six this term located at the end of that short straight away that the cars were resigned to at the exit of turn number five that's right away also online by light blue guard rails to the just a few feet off the side of the racetrack turn over six the second year ninety degree a left hand turn with run off room to drivers right if they come in a little bit too hot off of turn number six it's onto a short straight away in a hard right hand turn that points the cars back onto the front straight away great opportunities for drivers to set up and execute.

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