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The road today at Staples Center, late third quarter about thirty seconds thirty six seconds remaining the warriors on a recent eight oh run now leading eighty five eighty four on the clippers who were up five. It was our largest lead to the game at eighty to seventy seven not only the largest things game their largest lead of the series. Klay Thompson at twenty seven in the first half has not scored in the second. After this point. Kevin Durant now at twenty six shake Gill Alexander one eighty five for the clippers have knocked down eleven threes in the game, Celtics. I playoff team to advance to the second round at bankers life Fieldhouse today. Celtics pulled off a series sweep against the Pacers winning game. Four one ten one zero six four Hayward lead Boston with twenty points off the bench Pacers swept in the opening round for the second time in three seasons. Head coach Nate McMillan. The one thing I've just told them, you know, thank you for the effort because all season long, really since we got this group together last. Season effort has not been a problem for us far, regardless of who is in uniform, what intrigues may occur. Our guys they come out and give us everything they have every Celtics seven players in double figures. Jason Tatum Marcus Morris, both kipton where they Dhamar the jacket in the Spurs home law Saturday, it's nuggets five twenty five thousand dollars by the league for recklessly throwing the basketball toward a game. Official final round RB. Heritage CT pen right now, the leader at twelve hundred through seventeen. The Atlanta.

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