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Than a Honda At 9 45. We turn to George Wallace all right down the Georgetown Hoyas trying to upset Crayton for a second time in a week. Clayton coming in ranked 19th this week as the Hoyas trailing it right now, 29 to 19 in the first half Georgetown's 12 of three. Since they've come off of their covert pause, they'll try and get back in this game. Howard officially canceling its season and played since December, 20. Third You wanted four on the year V C U B date this afternoon, now seven and two in the A 10 Duke losing another dame first time under 500 since November of 1999, the Big 10, officially moving the men's tournament from Chicago to Indianapolis. Chicago will get the tournament back in 2023 capitals. Supposed play The Flyers tonight. Game postponed due to positive test with Philadelphia. Good news Jacob Rana off takeover list for Washington. That means no players now on that list. Former Washington football coach Marty Schottenheimer passing away at the age of 77 was here in D. C for a year started. Owen, five, finished eight Nate but then couldn't get along with and Snyder and that's how his career ended. But they are ended here. I should say, but Kansas City, the Chargers and Cleveland he led to division titles and our conversation, saying the W T o P huddled Dave. Johnson says. No coincidence. It didn't work out here in the morning shot number. I know I've never made it to the Super Bowl, but again it when something like this happens, it gives a chance to look at his record and what he accomplished in 21 years. It's no accident. Hey, had success with all the teams he was with, and probably no accident. He didn't have success here in Washington, and he went on after here to Ah, San Diego and then was fired there after going 14 and 21 year, Marty 77. George Wallace. Toby Toby Sports George Thank You, 9. 47 Way made us a insurance for.

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