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It's just surprising that had happened to leak at this time. Last thing that we want to get to is the basketball hall of fame it did announce their class and what a class it is going to be with Kobe Bryant. Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett headlining. The group also four time national coach of the year from Oklahoma State. Eddie Sutton and Eddie has been in poor health and so I'm I'm very glad that Eddie Sutton is getting into the basketball hall of fame. And hopefully he'll be able to enjoy that on a hall of fame weekend also our all star weekend when they honor everybody Two time NBA champion Rudy Tomjanovich. Also a ten time. Wnba ALL-STAR Olympic gold medalist to make a catch ings. Kim Mulkey from Baylor Got in Barbara Stevens and longtime phoebe executive Patrick Baumann so The headliners Garnett Koby. And Duncan I mean they clearly marked time in NBA history and to have those three guys who are through the greatest players of all time. It is obviously so sad. That Koby won't be there For the ceremony But that's a that's an unbelievable class and especially for so many people Spanning from my age to your age that grew up on those guys I mean think about this class for the NBA. Right you have Kevin Garnett. Kobe Bryant Tim Duncan these are probably three of the ten twelve fifteen greatest players of all time going into the same hall of fame class. It's remarkable and you know I. I think about whatever that ceremony is going to happen. I mean that's scheduled for August. Who knows if we'll if the world will be in a position where you can have groups of people in a room together at that point but whenever the ceremony happens it's definitely going to be emotionally charged day and I am? I look forward to hearing Cagey speak. I look forward to seeing Tim. Duncan open up a guy that has been so quiet over the years. I just sad that we won't get to hear from Kobe though I look forward to hearing the tributes in the words from others on that day whenever that day comes and I look forward to that day man. The mail bag has continued to be truly unbelievable We have gotten questions from all over the world and we have gone through some the last couple of weeks. We still have more to get to that. We have widow through Today Isaac Lee makes a triumphant on believable. Thought you were done with us forever only up an international a world pandemic.

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