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Dave Kerner has sports. She needed win for the cubs. They have a four game lead. Once again on the brewers in the NFL central after a six four win at Miller park. This after dropping the first two games of the series. And it was Daniel Murphy setting the tone for the cubs in the fourth inning. Here's the to Murphy drives one of the air left centerfield. Well, hit back toward the wall that has gone homerun. Daniel murphy. Cobbs lane. Opposite alley and left center and the cubs Lena London. Pat Hughes who the call on six. Seventy the score. Kyle Schwarzer would add a sixth inning home run. And it was a win for Jose Kintana his twelfth Schwarzer after the game complaining of some back stiffness and may have to miss a day or two of action. That's still has to be determined is the cubs will move on to Washington as for the White Sox. Two rain delays in a horrible night for Michael kopech. It adds up to attend a two loss to Detroit kopech lasting three and a third innings. He gives up seven earned runs on nine hits. But four home runs including three is part of a six run fourth inning. And Detroit was never had it. In fact, the Tigers finished the season eight and one against the White Sox at guaranteed rate field just to bears on the injury report for Sunday night's opener a Green Bay safety Andre Houston. Carson not practicing at Halas hall on Wednesday and tied in Daniel Brown, limited work because of a show. Shoulder problem. The bears insists that they are ready to go. And that may well include number one draft pick roquan Smith. Here's WBZ 'em. Jeff Joni in addition, it was twenty nine day holdout roquan Smith hamstring tightened up in the second practice in Denver with the Broncos that was three weeks ago. Just now Smith is getting back to post never anything too crazy. But it was some tightness and stuff. So it definitely feels a lot better. It feels fine. I've just been limited and distrust in those guys on what percentage of stuff they want me to go in and how many reps and stuff limited. No more full practice for Smith. With the injury report came out today. Head coach Matt Nagy do not wanna play Smith and have the hamstring flare. Again, saying he wanted to be real careful as you prep Smith for action against the Packers covering the bears. Jeff Joni AC NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM. US? Open tennis quarter-final play at night, Madison keys. A straight sets winner over Carla Suarez Navarro to advance to the semis. Novak Djokovic straight-sets win.

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