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The leaders are in front of Dylan wellness chase Elliott and Saul number forty two two. I went off the racetrack here again saying overall balance of his car is the same just that he used up his front tires a little bit too much trying to chase down rat four tires and fuel for chase. Elliott. Moore directs junior is in as well. Four tires in fuel on his Toyota. Winston Brad last Pitztal number five number seven his teammate. Brian Blaney who had worked his way up to third position. We don't see any chassis wrenches going in car. Branches last liking his car here. Come join. Gotta be it fallen back Clint bar with a couple of pit road penalties. Who is going to be the first off a pit road to change. Is Brad Keselowski? All I followed by car. Chase Elliott and Ryan Laney cow Busch St. post picks up two more spot. Yes. He did. It was a flawless pitstop for Kyle Busch. Four tires no adjustments on the race car. They liked the run on that call the last few laps of speed fell off, but they don't need to do a run much longer than that right now. So pretty happy with that race Kyle Busch. Boston Dillon Alice Bowman Kevin Harvick tie doing and Eric all. Number four hundred forty eight. Well, we almost had a big one in the middle of turn one to pit road. They came off the quarter out of their up talking about the nine car. Chase Elliott right behind the eighteen car. Cal Bush Cal came over pin them up against a wall. Chase how to get all of the brace get it stopped. I'm really not for sure that maybe Midas got the right side of that car a little bit. Chase elliott. I'm talking about. But with all that done cow Bush beat chase. Now, he was the second one off a bit road. Now, it's gonna be a drag race on his restart between that eighteen car to car a Keselowski. Winston Kelly caught it Brad Keselowski. Pit crew. Got him off. I on the pit lane. Kazlauskiene the leader with fifty laps. Go at martinsville.

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