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Conversation with one of the newest New York Mets. We're gonna have a conversation with someone who's also an owner. The football team. We'll talk about it. He's heavy. It's a digital. It's my main man. Trevor made trouble. How are you? I'm good. Are you man? I'm cool. Thanks for taking the time to hop on. We know we've been dealing with 2020 and 2021. Lot of it has been digital and based on social media. How has your experience as a New York met Ben just over this past month or so. Been great. I'm excited to be. I was started to be that first guy and watch the dominoes fall behind me, you know, with with Frankie Lynn, Door and Cookie and McCann and No, probably other people. Well, we'll find out but it Z good time to be a met. The fan base is fired up. Everyone's excited about new ownership and the direction this team's going. So there's ever a time to join. The New York Mets is right now, and I'm happy to be aboard that train for sure. Yeah, that's a good idea. Troubles timeto make people hop aboard the other bandwagon. It's a good look right now. Especially with with Daddy Warbucks as I call him, Steve Cohen now owning the team, and you've talked about how just him being interactive. Connor was one of the things that lead you towards being more attractive. The New York Mets. How much do you value that to say that the owner is Kanda? Tangible? He's not some dude who sits up on a mountain or a hill and doesn't care. Yeah, it's it's being a huge fan. Your whole life is a big Part of it, professing that like yourself, you know, it's not just like a rumor right on on social media stuff That's just like this is where the world's going for me. I feel like there's a lot of, you know, it's been in the news a lot about the negativity around social media, but I think that there's two sides that coin. On band You know, in the entertainment business, it's It's really important that people are enjoying themselves and enjoying the product You're giving him. Um and it starts with him. He's the top of the pyramid. And he's It's a new games. Changing all all sports are changing the way the games are played and portrayed and all that kind of stuff. It's it's It's evolving. And, uh, you know, he's he's kind of He's taken that in stride and evolving with it on, But I think that that's that's a super super cool thing to see first and foremost, but the second the same time You know, he just exudes that he's part of that family is the families has been clamoring for certain things. And and and he basically just came out the gate said. Hey, guys, I'm right here. I'm part I am one of you like I could be out the crowd with you, Uh, doing the same thing. I'm thinking the same way as you and I have. I have some power. Tonto make a lot of these things happen. Trouble May is on the line with us. One of the newest New York Mets. So you talk about how the game has changed. And I know you grew up a Mariners fan up in Washington, and the game is different. We don't see you know Garcia and Jamie Moyer and Randy Johnson going out there. Just given you, you know, 89 and you being a reliever. When you take a look at how the game is changed over the past 20 years, too. You know what we've seen with the Mariners? What do your thoughts on how the game is adjusted? Yeah, it's interesting because, you know Really You're seeing it with a lot of guys, guys, So give it a little preface here for a lot of guys want to stay starters for for for a long time. You want to stay started cause I always get the major leagues frankly started just have much better earning potential long term. S o, you know, being like a middling starter or started that's just like good enough to be in the big leagues but isn't leaving a staff But you could make a lot more money your career than being a You know, the best closer in the league. It's it's like comparable, so it was always preferable now that that that shift is changing. So for people's careers being a reliever isn't so bad anymore For your long term career. You you can make a you could make maximize your potential in the short one that you have. Believing now, and that's that shift is happy. So that's great for me because I was a guy who switch fairly recently in the last few years to be a full time reliever. But once you understand that, uh, it's interesting to see how big of a value certain innings of the game are being given now and and now you want your most Shut down arms to throw those innings. So when you do that, you start to identify times when you might go into the game, and it helps to kind of iron out what your role is, and then when you got a bunch of guys down there that can do it like I was very fortunate. Be part of very good bullpen last couple years in Minnesota. With, like, four or five guys who could pitch who who could all get saves and could all throw? You know, in the 9th 8th all the way down to the fourth inning, and we did And seeing that shift, it gives us a lot of gives relievers more value that they add to a game, which is always good. In my opinion, because I feel like we're the kicker. Sometimes. Trevor May is on the line with us here, CBS Sports Radio Yeah, you started off as a starter coming up and you were with the twins. You had to Tommy John. You became a One of the best relievers in the game. And now you're a New York met you faced off against one of the newest and more exciting New York Mets right now, Francis Colin door when he was with the Indians for Met fans. When you had the face this dude in the batter's box, what was your thought process and what can met fans look forward to every day in and out with Francisco. Well, The guy plays super incredibly hard, and he's always having fun. You know that he's got the smile that is known for he's been winner. He's been part of a group that kind of came into to an organization that that wasn't the top of the division and then Because he was part of because he came on and they had. Josefa has the Ramirez join and and a bunch of young guys come up and then start include burn all those guys. He's part of that kind of renaissance over there, so he knows how to win on Carrasco is part of that, too. So we got in both. Great defensively. It's a great hitter. He's tough tow. You can't strike him out of a big strikeout guy I've faced him, uh, seems like 1000 times on Gwen. I needed a big strikeout. I wasn't necessarily able ever to get it, but it was all just about getting them out. I go after strikeouts with 1990% of guys I face. He's not one of them. So he's just not a guy that that's gonna get you. Success on So he's gonna battle. He's gonna give you those long bats. He's gonna He's gonna hit guys in and he's gonna He's just gonna addio already lethal lineup of guys. He's It's gonna be not fun to face him. And it's gonna be really nice to say for the fourth straight year that I gotta I gotta pitch behind a lineup that is probably top three baseball, so this is really exciting. Trevor May is on the line with US CBS Sports Radio Trevor You talk about the lineup. We can look at the pitching. We can look at the bats..

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