FOX, President Trump, Ukraine discussed on The Glenn Beck Show


Fox news tomorrow morning marks the first time in over twenty years the house will hold public hearings on an impeachment inquiry into a sitting president with witnesses already testified in private set to appear Republicans have their defense ready insisting that the July twenty fifth phone call showed no conditionality your evidence of pressure on Ukrainian president is a landscape that Ukraine was not aware military aid was put on hold at the time of the call and the president trump both met with Zelinsky and gave aid to Ukraine without Zelinsky opening an investigation into jail and hunter Biden the eighteen page memo concludes the evidence gathered does not establish an impeachable offense oxes John Roberts at the White House the house has scheduled more hearings for next Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments today on the trump administration's decision to roll back the doc a program and a bombing here a mandate that protected at seven hundred thousand young immigrants brought to the U. S. illegally as children from deportation Ted Olson the former Solicitor General who was representing the plaintiffs and at one point justice right Cavanaugh asked him point blank does the executive have authority roll back a program like this and he said yes so then the question becomes alright what about the trump administration's efforts to roll it back to you they were not adequate and they see basically the department homeland security has not made legal reasonable arguments on the dock actually is unlawful and they they also argue that maybe they haven't thought through the ramifications of when you're talking about hundreds of thousands of people who are in schools who work for employers here in the U. S. saying you know it's gonna have a pretty significant impact in it's worth considering that as well box is Shannon rae maps ream court the ruling is expected in June the state department has issued a travel advisory for Bolivia due to ongoing.

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