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That's a very good point. And if you look around the people who are complaining about the wall all been walled homes are walled community. That's true. That's true. You know, the hypocrisy is there for everyone to see if you bothered, of course, I mean, everybody either if you don't live in a gated community, you certainly live in a house with a wall, and you lock the door. So people can't come through. And then they come through the proper way the front door when they ring the doorbell. Exactly preciado very much. Thank you. It's frustrating to watch this and see how this all goes. I mean because I sure hope that the president. He's gonna have eight minutes to make this case tonight, which I don't even understand why it's just eight minutes. But you know, maybe that's all the networks. We give him. But we'll see I hopefully, he can stay on message. He's going to be on the teleprompter. I would assume he's not going to wing it from the west. Maybe he's gonna west wing it. I don't know. But I would hope that he's got everything planned out. He's got his eight minutes down. He says exactly what he needs to say instead of getting off on some tangent. Because he's prone to do that he's very effective when he stays on message. And sometimes it gets off message, and then he steps on his own message. So we'll have to see tonight Katie, by the way, we'll be covering that live on super talk ninety nine seven WTN. Oh, and we've got the WGN state of the union. They've moved the data that it was the twenty second. Now, it's gonna be on the twenty ninth Rhodesia does. And I think you can find information about that at ninety nine seven WTN dot com. Katie. You would be up next Katy what's up? Thanks for taking my call. Sure. You.

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