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Cliff Albert of the company's center set Eagle County reporting this afternoon. 56 more deaths from covert 19 That brings the number of deaths in our county over the last week too close to 200. There have now been 1654 covert related deaths and the county since the start of the pandemic. County health officials are attributing the increasing number of deaths to gatherings over the holidays and the presence in the community of the new Corona virus Variant first reported in the United Kingdom, which is more contagious in the previous train. Coco's Jack Cronin has the latest on now 32 cases involving the U K strain. Of that virus and set Eagle County. There are 24 new cases and four probable cases that have been reported in San Diego, In addition to the four cases already announced one person's been sent to the hospital. The 32 overall cases ranged in age from under tend to over 70 and Chila Vista, Lakeside, La Mesa and the city of San Diego, and the two dozen new cases come from 19 different households. There's no confirmed travel history. But doctors in San Diego now are being asked to forward positive results from people who traveled from the UK or overseas to the county. This strain is not to be more contagious, though not more severe, and people believed be protected from it by the Corona virus Vaccines. Jack Cronin. Coco News Nathan Fletcher, selected today is the new chair of the set. Eagle County Board of Supervisors. Board members vote owning an animus Lee for Democratic Fletcher to succeed Republican member Jim Desmond. And in his first remarks, his chair, Fletcher said. To continue to fight against the pandemic will not be easy. Despite the vaccines, folks continue to advocate defiance of public health measures. Measures that are designed to not only save lives but measures that are designed to get our small businesses back open. With all of them. Coming months present Art most difficult test and overcoming coronavirus. You could hear Maura of what Supervisor Fletcher has to say as he takes over as chairman of the Board of Supervisors Coming up tonight unsettled a cozy evening news. The polls have closed now on the Senate runoff elections in Georgia, and the election results may not be known until tomorrow morning that word from a top election official in Georgia. Tomorrow. A protest and demonstration is planned by supporters of President Trump as members of Congress take go through the normally formal process of confirming the electoral count, But it's not expected to be as usual with at least a dozen Republicans and other members of the House planning to object to some of the electoral count Results Cos time. 4 33 Let's check three ways Now with Coco's real time Traffic years, Mike Hancock Drives aren't really too bad here in the county clip from your health. Send Diego 100 dealers. Traffic Center, The south five from LaToya down to Palm Avenue in the South Bay. That's on Lee 26 minutes. You just got the brief lay around mile of cars Way South 1 25 still busy of the Grossmont somebody's head down towards spring. And in order, 15 is still a bit tight as yet from rainbow up through the to make in the valley. The Winchester their.

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