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The way it is. This has been the top six and six with Bob Suraj on WGN radio way, have a request that I say the names of the four kids. North. ST Chicago and Som. Right? In other words, make the appointments with the psychiatrist right now. For when they get older. Okay. Think we've cleared all that up now, let's see coming up. We will talk to attorney in county lock Karen copy and also Dean Reynolds, national political correspondent for News Nation checks in Before seven and we'll get his take on what happened in Georgia overnight. And what may happen next and also what is probably going to happen in the nation's capital today. What vice President Pence will do other questions to be answered. And we'll get to that, Uh, also I did. I did want to mention this for Christmas. You know what I got? My wife gave me and this was it was a mistake. She gave me a pulse. Oximeter. So you can measure your oxygen level. You know that. You know about these things and you're supposed to supposed to have I think level of what is it? I think it's 95 or better. Yes, 95 Vivian, The Greek. One of our producers apparently been checking her oxygen levels a lot lately. Now the apple Watch does it for you. Yeah, I know. My wife gave me that at one point, And I said, No, I don't want this on my wrist. It seems like I don't even like the world Watch. This seems like the perfect gift for a hypochondria. Are you kidding? Absolutely. I'm gonna ask Dr Marty about this when we talk to her later because Last time I checked, my accident was like 95. So if it gets down to like 94 does that mean you have the cove ID? No, That's not it. I don't think it means you have quite a few different possible afflictions checking with another Corona contract in the newsroom. Steve Brizan Ege. Anyway. I haven't used it yet. But believe me, I'll be checking. I'll be checking on that. And always. She also gave me the digital thing where you put it by your head and it reads out your temperature on the thermometer. Yeah. Irma Digital thing. It's a technical term for it the thermometer, so I've got a lot of toys to play with every day here now. Theo, drive myself and everybody around me crazy. It's.

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