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Relief package for workers and businesses This of course as we talked about at great length yesterday as All the infants were throwing their toys out of their cribs and yelling and screaming in cattle rolling. Well days of temper tantrums. That had nearly been derailed as well. Nancy Pelosi mounted her broom and flew back into the DC swamp with a host a veritable. Christmas wish list of last minute demands but White House legislative affairs director. Eric Coolant saying last night early this morning. Ladies and gentlemen we are done. We have a deal now. Ulan went on to tell reporters that much of the work on the bill tax has been completed and that he was hopeful over the next several hours that Whatever was left would be finished that it would be circulated early this morning. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said the bill amounts to unemployment compensation on steroids. And that every American who has laid off due to cove it nineteen Will have their missed. A salary remunerated that provision will enable companies to stay afloat and immediately. Bring back those employees went. Things are safe once again. President trump of course Talking ABOUT ABOUT EASTER. But is he getting a little bit ahead of his skis? So here's what. We know the unprecedented economic rescue package would give direct payments to most Americans no word of course when those payments would actually start. I've heard As early as early April but once again this entire package is it has passed the house before anything can happen but yeah. Direct payments to most Americans expand unemployment benefits and provide a three hundred sixty seven billion dollar program for small businesses to keep banking payroll while workers are forced to stay at home. Now one of the last two issues to be resolved circled around that Five hundred billion dollars guaranteed subsidized loans to larger industries including a fight over. How generous to be with the airlines given the Democrats wanted them to abide by new carbon emissions restrictions. Hospitals would get Significant help as well some DC insiders as A. Nancy Pelosi actually made the rounds giving up for her laundry list of demands. She actually beat a retreat yesterday From that massive corona virus wishlist green new deal projects immigration measures and the list goes on and on a host pardon the pun of other non virus related changes that she and fellow. Democrats had proposed just hours earlier signaling in several television interviews that our troops would likely accept the deal. They better that will emerge from the Senate while casting her own It was about fourteen hundred pages. Fourteen hundred four page bill with a price tag of two point five trillion. Oh well now. Isn't it funny? How things change on a dime. She referred to this Bill as Moore's marker a marker for future fights over the direction of American priorities on Energie. The workforce elections and Immigration Yadav Law. But yeah basically the move was a face-saving exercise not only by Pelosi but by Schumer and of course crying suck trying to take credit for GOP. Bill that he filibustered for Small Ball Alterations Democrats. The conveniently unnamed source said. Couldn't drag the situation out much longer as a result of economic conditions. That as we're all aware aware have worsened dramatically and well president trump's approval rating has indeed risen. I've seen numbers anywhere between fifty and sixty percent approval ratings for his handling of the Cova de Nineteen crisis. Now McConnell said the Senate will meet again today at noon. Didn't set a time for the boat by rule the procedural vote to begin debate on the package would happen at one. Pm Eastern time This unless unless the Senate scraps that vote and that means there's trouble bruin deal came hours after president. Trump's top economic advisor said an unprecedented at six trillion dollar stimulus plan was imminent including four trillion in liquidity from the Federal Reserve and two trillion in new bunny from the Congress. Then well yeah. Tensions then abruptly ratcheted up back again on Capitol Hill Republican senators. Lindsey Graham Steve Daines taking to the Senate floor and calling for an end to negotiations because his grand put it. Democrats were nickel and diming at a time when people are dying literally dying but interestingly enough if you are watching the markets and yes you need a very strong and sturdy constitution these days to do that but it was. Graham and Danes is late night. Push for that. Immediate vote on a stimulus spell while it came after some of the tensions in Congress had seemingly cooled for the day and Well this send the down. This actually sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its highest point game in its history. We'll get into that with Keith. Wineman presidential management when he joins US at seven thirty five but Republicans said late. Tuesday that Democrats were still seeking those new payouts. That were delaying. Vote on that Final Bill now. Nancy Pelosi is a backed down from her supermarket. Sweep laundry list of a whole bunch of crap. She was trying.

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