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One hundred and fifty eight residents were inside the building at the time of the fire and one resident taken to the hospital a firefighter taken the hospital as well for he's a heat exhaustion Cincinnati police have identified the female shot and killed yesterday morning in south Fairmount police were sent to an apartment complex in the twenty one hundred block of queen city Avenue what's on scene police identifying the victim as thirty five year old Kimberly Lorman two people were injured after an accident in Colerain township over the weekend when a car crashed into a utility pole on Compton the passenger of the vehicle was trapped by the heavy damage and was rescued rather quickly by the Colerain township fire department and taken the UC Medical Center a small plane crashing in west central Ohio just north of Dayton injuring the pilot and two passengers the plane crashing yesterday shortly after take off in the small town of new Carlisle the state highway patrol says the three people on board the plane were taken to a hospital with minor injuries and engine failures this is suspected as the cause of the crash radio seven hundred W. L. W. sports here's a resume Kris Bryant capture toggles for run seventh inning with a three run Homer as the cubs rally to be the registered a six three earning a split in their four game series a great American ball park the Reds open up a three game series in Washington tonight seven hundred W. wannabes coverage begins at six oh five a sports talk and the R. and L. carriers inside pitch Kelsey Chevrolet extruding show after the game bill Denison seven hundred WLW sport the sound of Agarwal mom eighty five asking DQ to bring back the snickers blizzard and this is the sound of us making the snickers blizzard in the all new peanut butter pie blizzard made with snickers and this is under five thousand one hundred fifty seven happy snickers lizard lovers saying OMG smile emoji praise him thank you exclamation point praise and crazy that's what a snickers blizzard sounds like and it's back with the all new peanut butter pie blizzard made with snickers thank you happy tastes.

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