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There's a thing where you can wear different boots to raise awareness and funds for charity and he would often highlight jewish and israeli charity so julian edelman the jewish. Nfl guy is is a candidate. There's also the story of the young woman. South african woman who has been rejected from a gap year program because her in israel because our mother is not jewish. Demi put together. She's campaigning against that. She's a good candidate. I think you have yourself a very good nominee for matches. Well actually to if that's okay means the same story but it's two women You know that Smooth always sees the lighting of the torch ceremony in mount herzl. It's very emotional. And this year to extraordinary women Lit the torch together. And i think the worth mentioning she. I suck over who was gravely wounded after her husband tried to murder her today. Her ex husband And stabbed her in of their son. She was saved thanks to her neighbor. A d. guzzi heard the cry for help and came over And while she was still in recovery she actually stood in front of the camera and gave an interview and said you know she was beautiful. Women sort of her face still lacerated. Her teeth broken. She said i have nothing to be ashamed of. The person something to be ashamed of is my husband and she became this heroin in israel telling the story of domestic violence and they lit the torch together being these prominent voices against domestic violence saying for all the women rising from the abyss who openly courageously remind us of. How much more needs to be fixed here. That just left many israeli speechless. And i thought that was a beautiful moment. Yeah that's a very worthy nominee. The i thought we should do a shoutout. Though whether it deserves the mench ward or not we will leave to our listeners. You and i both have been become mildly. Obsessed by the latest addition to the duo lingo suite of languages. This is the app for learning languages. They have added their hundred language. Yiddish aggravating. i thought we should do the duolingo of i have got my app open here. I know you were at the top of the class every subject. You'll need early on. How you doing this now impressing start on my one here. Am i to do the same. He's asking me a little patriots awesome. You'd say a man. So i'm going to press that we are told me great. Now your turn who hang on it speaking to me. Let me see..

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