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Intro and you'll see I'm sorry go to go to. Bob sorry about that go to fill toolbox and it says envy to, returns, and, there they are all right listen. This, is unbelievable Listen Kramer, Shan and the stock. Michael in, New, York my goal Stay Lauder symbol e ally stock is really been. Marking time since there were some very small, things, that were. Concerned. The people I think I. Think for breezy afraid remarkable job okay so here's what he's. Saying it's been marching time some little things wrong with the company Brigitte. The CEO Remarkable job really Then how come at dropped from one hundred and fifty eight dollars down to one hundred and thirty two Now here's the key A sixteen percent drop now he tells. Them to get in I put it. Up on my? Chart? What do I she. It's still red red now the stock and the last. One two three four six days has gone from one hundred thirty three dollars to. One, hundred thirty five Percent and a half but. Guess what you should be buying it. Because it's still? Red? Is telling you do. Not get it now because the big hedge, funds, the. Big corporations the big pension funds the big insurance companies are not buying it yet It didn't even. Turn green and he's got this guy because he's saying that she did a remarkable, job don't look like what. Does that mean to CEO remarkable job shields, don't do remarkable jobs Geos don't do anything survey underneath them we need does a remarkable job they come, on TV talk with mccolm job by what a stupid you buy stocks not because there's remarkable job you buy stocks because somebody buying a, stock you buy, stocks because who's buying. What makes us go up the instant to Shans Who are the bigger buyers are stocked even. Even more than he is situations the corporations. Because now they can borrow, money cheaply and they can. Buy their own shares they remember they bought seven trillion dollars worth, of share since two thousand and eight to two thousand. Fourteen and then six. Hundred fifty. Billion from two thousand fourteen every year to two thousand eighteen. Now they're boosting up to a. Trillion dollars that's what pushes the stock up then they print money and stick it into the stock market. Virtually the Bank, stocks to push the market up I just gave it to you trillion. Dollars six hundred fifty billion dollars four. Hundred billion one tree that's what. Pushes the market up money money pushes the market up not to CEO so on, the chart is still red. Now one thirty five it's red let's say, it goes to one forty three and turns green you have a higher probability gay Two one sixty from one forty three where turn. Green today at red at one thirty five. But she people always think. Like Kramer they always think. The same way I gotta get at one thirty five before it, gets to one thirty six but wait a minute how. Do, you know, when. It goes. From one thirty five thirty six there's enough money going in. Show that you don't get screwed How many people bought a stock and it goes right. Down because. You don't know how much money and then you say well well my broker tummy broker he has no fiduciary. Relationship with you he could care less about you responsibility begins and ends with our partners and our shareholders and that day did he say oh my, responsibilities Israel my little. Retail customers you say that Diddy here whose responsibility our? Responsibility begins with. Our partners and.

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