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Gentleman's lengthy criminal history. Very result of shortsighted imposition of judgment of punishment. And then we're shocked to know that he's continuing to repeat do you think the coordinator situation was sending a message to you? You'll have to ask the court. We did the judge called her on his attorney declined to speak with us. That's komo's med Markevic reporting. Komo news time is four forty nine a Bill that would make it possible to compost your body when you die now up for a vote in the state Senate. Komo Suzanne Phan has that story is hard to think about, but it just seems like a really natural way to go when it comes to end of life options Hanif, floss, another supporters, say human composting, the process of turning human bodies into soil is the greenest choice of all if we can turn ourselves into soil, actually and provide nutrients to the plants then that's just a bigger win for me. She learned about the issue in December and went before lawmakers two weeks ago to show her support state Senator Jamie Peterson filed a Bill to legalize human composting, aka recomposition as well as alkaline hydrolysis a process of using lion heat to dissolve the remains. Catholic church. Researchers with Washington state university say the process of recomposition is safer less expensive and better for the environment than burial or cremation in Seattle. Suzanne Phan, KOMO news. Komo news time four fifty time. Here KOMO propel insurance money update with a strong month for the Dow Jones and the s&p five hundred both of which posted their biggest January rallies in decades fairly weekday for both indexes. The Dow finished down fifteen.

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