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You should get some lessons from you some yet. I i mean. I watched that. I wore them up on a practice. Pet in all the something. So you know it's Yeah yeah for sure for sure for this this a lot of applies in town. I mean ben reilly's another a wonderful wonderful swing small group jazz. Just gorgeous play In in that genre There's a wonderful young cat of around. Now he's just turned ops is angus mice and are just another one. Who just just. And he's just working so hard on that thing and it's just it's special special when you sit it thing is playing here and then yet another another young dude that that i have had some had some contact with the as a student around a drum cool for twenty five years and he played in that and he's really making some waves and so was such an innovative creative player. And that's a that. Go alex flood right. Who's just done. Some wonderful things as well a percussion and drums. He's crossing ovaries during the hybrid..

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