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Eighty traffic so you can go there alternate side parking rules suspended right through the thirty first of March I'm Tom Kaminski in the W. CBS traffic center are the weather sounds fantastic sunny today most of the day anyway milder maybe a few clouds that's about it the high fifty four to fifty eight becoming cloudy tonight with rain late low between forty and forty five and crises a morning rain tomorrow giving way to some clouds in the afternoon Fridays very warm fifty five to sixty high after the weekend Saturday some sun then becoming mostly cloudy with a chance of rain developing late today into tonight I fifty to fifty five and on a Sunday mainly cloudy with a few periods of rain I again fifty to fifty five it's how bout mothers right we get to Brandon what would have been a great opening day for baseball the minute W. CBS news time eight forty one thinking about life insurance what if you could make one free phone call and learn your best price from nearly a dozen highly rated price competitive companies well that's exactly what happens when you call select quote life for example George is forty he was getting sky high quotes from other companies because he takes meds to control his blood pressure but when I shopped around I found him a ten year five hundred thousand dollar policy for under twenty five dollars a month I'm select quote agent Dan sabino and believe me if select quote isn't shopping for your life insurance you're probably paying too much for your free quote call eight hundred seven zero four twenty three thirty that's eight hundred seven zero four twenty three thirty eight hundred seven zero four twenty three thirty or go to select quote dot com since nineteen eighty five we shop you save get full details on the example policy it's local dot com slash commercials are price can vary depending on your health insurance company the fact morning W. CBS news time eight forty two well in the alternate reality that was our previous world bread out of the right now is probably a baseball park you are watching the tail gaiter Celebrex yes Sir Wayne getting ready to see Jacob deGrom faced.

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