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Katz. Kevin Owens is joining us today. Believe it or not Sammy's Zane who clearly has become sort of a turncoat decent behavior. Now is gonna be. You're the turncoat behavior by having beyond the show. And then making wild claims that allegation. Well, you know, we may just have to let you go. But I am telling everybody hand, you're not letting me go. That's the big difference is you've got to get out there and be on the side of the phenomenal one. Without question is. Repulsed things you're saying we're not going to do horrible things. And. Maybe south side right now beyond professional as a journalist radio. Whatever you wanna call your. Well, I will tell you, sir. I am a proud graduate of a heathen school of broadcast journalism. Jeff Katz weekdays at three on NewsRadio eleven forty W R, V, A and ninety six point one FM. The countdown is underway. For a nail biting mission is Nasser returns to Mars. The Mars insight is about to attempt to historic touchdown on the red planet says ABC's Clayton Sandell a mission to Mars that blasted off two hundred four days ago. The first spacecraft to look inside Mars for clues about how our solar system formed, but I inside has to stick the landing about half of all Mars landings fail. So everything from insights heat shield to its supersonic parachute. And retro rockets have to work just right to slow insight from nearly thirteen thousand miles per hour to a safe touchdown a period. Nasa calls seven minutes of terror as ABC's Clayton Sandell reporting, a major American coffee chain gears up for a full out invasion of the old country. ABC's? Megan Williams tells us what's brewing from Rome. After opening its first dazzling showcase store in the lawn. This fall. Starbucks plans to roll out fifteen new coffee shops year here in Italy. Good news for some Italians like this businessman, sipping his morning Espresso in Rome. Is very nice.

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