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And that's it download greeny and it's free for three months and after that it's only four ninety nine and western it. What's going on. There's a bunch of shows in there. There's a lot of game shows reality shows thrillers dramas. Yes I mean I I. There's about five hundred shows in there right now and there's a lot more shows out the rolling out more shows so my last question to you is. What is your absolute most favorite movie of All Time Manning? The movie on my God film critic I would always say citizen Kane simply because everything that we know in movies today. All came from that lake. The disjointed narrative were for instance bolt. Bob Station started with the ending. And W figure out what's going on the from the very beginning that came from citizen Kane the high angle low angle shot citizen Kane. The shadows all of that citizen Kane I love his cage And that's where that spark Mike. Great dividends as a film critic or a filmmaker is citizen Kane but the name your next dog Rosebud looking for her so maybe not Contemporary wise I still love Joss the beginning of the summer. The movies and I still love that I love. I have great memories of it when I was a little kid watching it and seeing my my uncle throw popcorn out of suspense. You know And I said I love about fishing as well so these are all my top top three. Maybe those those are really legendary movies. Those are the that when I'm Channel Surfing. I just stop watching them again and you learn something new every time. Yes I love that I ll any way like Stewart crasner helping produces for me and he said well. What if nanny will let you read for him? You have a couple minutes from before I start reading for my people for me to read for you. All mentioned yes. Of course. Okay so I just need you to be open minded about everybody's name living and deceased ogre in don't say the name unless I say it I I usually get an initial but I'm getting the name like Anne or Anna. Is there an Anne or Anna around you living? Yes my mom on a station Anastacia. Okay Yeah and is there. Somebody deceased sets in 'em or initial like was her mother her father ammo or a Or is there anyone else sets in? Aaron am deceased recently or just it could be in the past like a grandparent. Grandmother Grandfather will. My GRANDPA owned manny. Is he manual note but he is CNN? More A is. He Spelled A. N. or a L. A. L. Like Al Albert Alfred Allen. Oh No no no. No No yes yes. That's My Dad. Thank you is Deceased yes he's he's passed away. My father's spirit is with you. Saw It he wants you to know how proud he is of humanity Omaha and he's he's talking about something that happened at the beach when you were little or by the water. Did you have an incident by the water or buy a boat or by the water when you were little? I don't know what he's talking about or did he. Did he work by the water? Did you live by the water? What we live by the lake if I were lay slacking about the times at the late or or swimming I did you learn to swim in that. Lay My dad. No no what you live by the late. Yes and I think he's just CIC images so. I'm not always sure why I'm getting what he's showing me the water so I didn't know what that meant exactly. What's he afraid of the water? Okay I'm not sure why they're showing that to me. I will keep that in mind. I mean I just wonder if something happened when you were little or an incident or something that I don't know why they would show me the water but that's okay maybe it's just to validate you live by the lake. Maybe you want to be going cruise. No I don't think right now I won't let you but he the are you talking about writing something.

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