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And it's not perfect but it's what had to happen in order to increase the confidence of the american people in Vaccine i'd i do see the benefit of giving politicians defecting. Everyone said continuous of government. You want to keep these people safe. So they can legislate in either jobs to run the country as best as possible. However i think aside from the president vice president. I think a lot of these politicians. If you're younger person you should wait your turn in a lot of you know. Most of them are old anyway. So i think if you didn't even ira type. Politicians allow them was still fought to tourist front of the line to begin with because a lot of them have immuno-compromised conditions to a of older age. And things like that so even if you didn't prioritize they will still have the vaccine initially and there's the argument going at like. Maybe those are people to get it. I think a lot of people already kind of skeptical of holidays anyway. So i think them given the best thing i this show that it's safe. It's there's a benefit that people are still skeptical so why sometimes they don't even trust anyway so i don't think it will change the opinion too much in additionally. I think that if you don't prioritize politician it can go more vaccines than go towards like frontline. Workers people older asian immuno-compromised Conditions that also need to get the best thing i they don't catch the disease Viruses going on and it's gonna take a long time the vaccinate everybody. You wanna have the frontline workers in the doctors and healthcare workers. Get that first. They can be protected so they can care for people that catch it while people are still trying to get vaccinated cameras. Point of government officials already being shady individuals and untrustworthy. So then getting the vaccine probably wouldn't inspire public confidence in the first place or yeah that's true but then how would it look if they don't get the vaccine and then even less people than are already planned to get the vaccine yet and then we're locked down for another two years because our congress in our our officials don't get the vaccine because only thirty percent of the public it because they see the government officials be has to take it no. I think it's not like our government it's not like i don't know what type of government officials are taking it but to see the ones on the biggest stages regardless of whether they took the took the virus seriously from getting seeing Ensign rubio a lot of people who probably follow line Politicians are probably hesitant about getting the vaccine so if nothing else it will help inspire those people. And i'd rather them skip the line to get millions of people to take the vaccine than being locked out for another two years in. Have the virus constantly ramping rampaged through our through our society because nobody wants to get immunized. Josh you bring up a good point in fact yesterday. Thank god guy by the name of elliot williams Cnn legal analyst of wrote an op. Ed on cnn explaining why amid the surface level confusion mike pence receiving the vaccine or one of the beautiful in the first brisk people to receive. The vaccine is a good thing and essentially beco- the same points he that he made it instills public confidence in especially his camp. You know the trump supporters the people who are out there saying you know this they're still saying covert is a hoax. Even after even after their leader trump in pence contracted the virus. So i think it is huge for optics to have pence Deb pence a be one of the first people to receive the vaccine especially given the collective opinions of a lot of their supporters. In a point that everyone touchdown you know politicians receiving the vaccine yet. So important. I think really i. I don't think every politician should get the vaccine. I should jump the line to get the vaccine on. I think really. The people in presidential succession should receive the vaccine. I've no issue with trump. i don't think it in. i don't think he will get it But i've no issue trumping off the vaccine with Off at the vaccine with a nancy pelosi is third in line. Being offered vaccine taking it actually a followed by cabinet members including mike pompeo as secretary of state. But should we have been sas Relatively young a republican senator from nebraska received the vaccine. If he's offered it should he be offered in the first place. You know i dance for that. I'm a little a unsure of by. Do you think we should have the people in line for the presidency to receive the vaccine. I want to go off the whole public perception of the vaccine point on. I don't think mike pence getting the vaccine is gonna half as much of a fact as donald trump getting the vaccine. And i say that because white pants does not the man that they are supporting in voting for and have all their chips on the table for donald trump. If you get in front of live cameras and you get a needle in the arm you will be making a much bigger difference than a historical anti vaccine like mike pence. Would i mean. I think it'll make a little bit of a difference. But i think if donald trump were to get in front of cameras and take the vaccine you're gonna see a huge boost public confidence specifically in the people who were doubting the vaccine in the first place. I actually did not think of that. Is like that point You're absolutely right. I mean pence was never as bombastically outspoken. Against a the science of covid He was more quiet about a he was against it. He was against the science ironically because he was the chair of the task force but he was not as bombastic about it as a trump. So i think that's actually a very true point. Very valid point kaelin. What are your thoughts on that on the public perception portion. I do think like trump's acceptance of the vaccine guests will make a difference by also would argue that him prioritizing others over himself will also make a difference to me. I know he's using it for other reasons but if he went out there and said oh i'm going gonna take the vaccine. I because i want as many going to people that will help us get rid of this virus estimates possible. I think that would make a big difference to dislike. Ilhan omar did when she refused to take the vaccine early because she decided she said there's not enough to go around. We prioritise those. Who need it the most in. That's that kind of messaging will also have a positive impact. Even though you're not taking the vaccine showing that you care about they make you. Serve is most important and ill. I think it will also establish trust in the vaccine regardless. If you actually go on live television take it. I think you're right because you know in a way it's saying yes. I would take it if we have enough. But because you don't have enough. I'm healthy i'm gonna give it to you. Know x y z. People who actually need it The josh interesting point in. I understand that point but at the same time omar. I'm trump on only beginning to doses of vaccine that essentially saved two lives now but if they were to take your dose.

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