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We're talking passion and hair with my guests that creative forces behind. Marvellous, Mrs Mazel, Amy Sherman, Palestinian on Daniel Pal, Do you know I guess one of things I'm really fascinated by and the way you guys work, especially on Mrs Mazel. Is away Baseline in music play such a big part in this show. I mean, I'm thinking about were always aware of how the pump of the baselines and think about those guys were doing the folk song in the club. We hear the acoustic bass going in the pilot. In fact, I think that any show you guys do could have girl in trouble. Why, Romeo? You know a lot of times when we pick music. It's It's sort of like when you're writing jokes and stuff like if something comes to you immediately or quickly. That's the best way of having something. It's when you have the hunt for it. That you end up with something That's not quite what you wanted, but it's close enough, but we were. We were doing that episode in the first. I think it was the first season and when I was just in the editing room, and just when we were the first time I saw Cut together version of that stand of that stand up wearing these episodes correctly, but first time I saw it. That song just popped out at me and I said, Let's see what that feels like. And and we put it in, and it was right. So Those were the best times for us for music. Music has always been important to us. And the thing about Gilmore Gilmore was done in time when music was less expensive, like you could put a lot of music and Gilmore and you could pay for it. And it's the Latin words offensive about that used to be back in the days of the W B when there was a dance and frog As our mascot, but we both have musical backgrounds. I was I was a dancer. Until I discovered sandwiches, which you know, which sends every dancer's career on under, and Dan came from musician aside and and I think, because of that, and the way we hear comedy and in a rhythmic manner, it feels musical to us. You know to me when I You know, I grew up on 2000 year old man was sort of like a big big thing for me As a kid. It was Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. And and there's a rhythm to that sort of comedy. There's a definite like there's a metre known. There's a beat to it. And that is our comedy stylings. Are Connie Stones have sort of an intrinsic, just sort of Ah, Danced up to it. And the more that we, you know, then we honestly woman did butt heads, which was simply based in a ballet studio. You know, the whole thing is music on DH. And expression through music. And then mazel just became because I think the lives because miss herself is AH is a character who never stops moving both in her life and in her emotion and in her physicality like she's a She's a character that is Constantly prepared for propelling herself forward. Her forward motion is everything about she's a shark. If she says she stops moving, she died and that that's that's portrayed a lot in just the way she walks down the street, and it cries out for music. You know, When I wrote the pilot of of Mazel, there were many musical pieces that were written into it. Wonderful day like today was written into the script and for many reasons, you know, when you write a pilot script again, you're showing people the taste and the style of the show. I wanted people to understand the kind of music that I wanted to you and then enabled us when we were shooting, like in the beginning when she was walking Teo on her daily errands. Two Wonderful day Like today we blasted that song. We were severe Riverside Park. We played that song. We were at the butcher shop. We played that song so that Rachel and anyone else and even the even the background character actors who are were so great new sort of the rhythm of what we were going for. It's also important for camera because if you're If you're shooting something in a certain way, and you and you don't have the musical now we don't always have every piece in mind, obviously, but but for big, important camera Gary Move Smoothes. Yes, thank you. The word move. We sort of feel it's important because otherwise, what's gonna happen is the camera's going to move at its own rhythm. And you can put any piece of music you want in there, you know, But if the camera and the music or not a line it's not gonna totally feel cold, like one cohesive piece, like everybody was moving together in motion. And so whenever we can, Jim McConkie who was our Steadicam magician, you know, he will just if there's a piece of music That's that is the piece you were using. He'll just have them play. It sound played into his headphones. So he's hearing the music as he's moving the camera so he understands the feel is floating. Is he marching? Is he pushing forward Is you letting it drift? I mean that that's all dictated by the music, and there's nothing more frustrating than you have this beautiful camera move, But you wanna like goose it up a little bit, and you put a piece of music under it, and the music is saying one thing, the camera saying something else. We're talking count with creators and the creative force behind the marvellous, Mrs Mazel, Amy Sherman Pellegrino damn palate. You know, as we're talking about this, too. I was just thinking about even the mohr period. Pieces like you say, it's a good day or passed me by. We could still feel the bass count in those and then to go from that to ending with. With girls talk. You can almost see the think the count of 123454. So whatever is it doing and and I think that really applies almost every piece that's played over the in credits. I mean, our lips are sealed or or, you know curtains, which is the way you Ironically, to finish off the first season for going from a open the door Richard to another piece of pop, But I do feel the baseline in the way that hadn't been as important in the other shows. Really. It's almost like a heartbeat in this show. Definitely, and one of the great things about girl talk is that it was written by Elvis Costello, and he saw it and he said, It's a very nice fan. Yeah, kind of the best part of the whole way. You know, we've been using music. Like different kinds of music. You know, we had sparks on Gilmore Girls. We had Sonic Gilmore girls, you know, so we shamelessly like, just process ties our own musical taste of people. Amy pick Girl talk at the end of the pilot because she just thought that would be a cool way to end it..

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