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Um, shirts at a donation place and like shoes and supplies. We don't You know, we have a couple of T shirts and we have a couple of pairs of shorts. There's so much to Dio Just regarding the house, burning down and trying to figure out next steps because there's not really much of a handbook on what to expect. When you're houses burned down. Where the two of you now, I mean, I take it you're safe now. Yeah, We're currently staying with a friend. One of my best friends. People ask if we're safe and we're like we are safe. Now, you know, and we do have a place to stay for now, but we can't stay here for six months. And here you are You going to go back into the fight these fires again soon or you going to get some time away to deal with what's out of my department. My department was gracious enough to Extend as much time as I needed. I was able to take vacation for Immediate tour after it happened. But yes, I will be going back to work. Soon enough, and I will be there for the public as a protectorate in 22 years in the fire department another eight years before that on the ambulances, So I've been serving the public for over 31 years on the whole continue until Tournaments sometime in the near future. Andy Kristanna and Sarah Hawkins. I'm just glad you two are together and safe on DH. No, we'll be thinking about you. Thank you. Thank you so much..

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