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Minutes after six. I'm Toni Kroos. He Scott Fitzgerald, another look at sports. All right. Thank you very much. Tony. I don't want to correct one thing. We were talking about mentioned the brewery. I was thinking of the one inside of that new one in Germantown. It's Uh, atrium Brewing is what I want to say Yes, and so a trembling It's the new one. That's open up there. So that's good breweries based on the story. Tony was talking about earlier talking about and Willie talking about beer being the number one go to here in the cold weather months here in the common month. Okay, listen, Sports now, shall we? It's back to the drawing board for Indiana Head Coach Archie Miller is Indiana Hoosiers is they're back on the practice court preparing for Sunday's showdown with a drink Iowa on Sunday that inside assembly Hall Sunday at noon on FS one they beat, then fourth rank. I'll Well, their last time out back on January 21st 81 to 69 2 games in the Big Ten's being of those hot guys a drink. The Iowa host Ohio State ninth ranked Ohio State on ESPN. Well, ninth ring to Minnesota. Is that Rutgers tonight that on Fs one last night here on news radio 8 40 WHS, Kentucky fell 70 to 75 at Missouri. We'll hear more from coach Cal coming up in the next half hour. The host Tennessee that Saturday night at eight o'clock again here on news radio 8 40 WHS. Don't forget you can talk to coach Cal tonight on the coach Cal shows six o'clock We get things going here. Meanwhile, the global men their game at Syracuse last night postpone, as was, as is their game at 15th, ranked Virginia on Saturday do to covert issues continuing. With the Cardinal sports program with the Cardinal Men's basketball team and Bellarmine will host Jacksonville Friday at seven o'clock. Bellman has worked away in the first place in the A Sun conference to upsets big upsets in college basketball last night, third ranked Villanova dealing with its second loss of the season, They were upset 70 to 59 at ST John's and East Carolina. Well, they upset number five, Houston 82 to 73. On women's college basketball development women are riding a three game winning streak is a godsend to visit Jacksonville for two games said starting Saturday. One. Meanwhile, 15th ranked Kentucky is going for their fifth win in six outings as they visit old Miss tonight on Talk Radio 10 80 w. K. J K that starts at 6 45. Well, number one Louisville is at Boston College will start our pregame at 7 40 over on 7, 90 Wkrg, Nick current and Adrian Johnson will have the call for You and the 17th, ranked Indiana women will host Rutgers tonight on the Big 10 network. The NFL is full steam ahead. Preparing for Super Bowl 55. NFLPA executive director De Marie Smith doesn't see a scenario where they'll move the Super Bowl. See any scenario where we would Um, I agree with the league to move the Super Bowl Smith touched on how the league guide it was they got it leaked through a difficult season with covert 19 but still finished this regular season on time, and to move it with just not not be right. I think it wouldn't be fair. To the rigor and the discipline that we've insisted that players have this year T move the Super Bowl. My hope on. Certainly everybody's hope is that our players will continue to double down to the great job that they've done all season. Nats looking sports Now at news radio, 8 40 W H. A S Job incentives to relocate as you work remotely. There's a interesting thing going on. I want to talk to you about after Will Clark in the news headlines that's coming up in a couple of minutes. But right now it's time recording down a hole to give us our Bloomberg money Update. Good morning. Hey there. Good morning. Tony stock index futures air moving slightly higher. Dow futures up 40 points Ford will report fourth quarter earnings today with semiconductor shortage is expected to impact its outlook for 2021. It's been forced to idle it's Louisville SUV plant that accounted for 12% of last year's production. And more than 30% of property owners are considered equity rich. That means their property is worth twice as much as the underlying mortgage. According to Adam Data Solutions. The count of equity rich properties rose to 17.8 million. Of the 59 Million mortgaged homes with the news radio 8 40. Wh Yes. Bloomberg Money report. I'm corny, Donahoe. America's beverage companies are working together to reduce.

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