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In areas where the company has offices. In response to recent subscriber losses and slowing revenue growth, Netflix today announced that it has just laid off about 300 employees across the country. That's on top of some 150 positions that were eliminated last month. That's your money now. I'm Jim chesko, northwest news radio. The Supreme Court ruled in a victory for gun rights advocates today, striking down a century old New York State law limiting the right to carry a concealed firearm. The court ruling that the Second Amendment of the constitution presumes a right to carry a forearm. Here's ABC's airing keturi. This is Aaron Kutcher's in New York where mayor Eric Adams called the Supreme Court decision appalling. And we can not allow New York to become the wild wild west shootings here have only recently started to subside after a years long spike and police commissioner kishan sewell made clear the decision changes nothing now. If you carry a gun illegally in New York City, you will be arrested. The state will likely have to rework conceal carry licensing and attempt to limit places where guns can be carried. ABC News, New York. We are hearing from political leaders and states that have many gun laws in response to Thursday's Supreme Court ruling on concealed carry. California is among them. ABC's Alex stone reports from Los Angeles. California's governor is calling the Supreme Court decision reckless and radical. Now he in California attorney general rob montes say new legislation is being introduced in line with the ruling that will limit where concealed guns can be carried in California and. The legislation will also clarify the qualifications for obtaining a concealed carry permit in California. The Bruin case reaffirmed that it is appropriate for states to require a concealed carry weapon permit. Also next week, governor Gavin Newsom is expected to sign 16 new gun bills into law. Alex stone, ABC News, Los Angeles. Northwest news radio traffic from the dubin law group traffic center. Maple valley on southeast Covington Sawyer road and accident at two a second is not only costing to slow traffic from two O 7, it is looking better passing through there. Seattle, I 5 north

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