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Benvenuto is my feet and scoundrel sat his horse breathing hard and grinning supine and crucify warm with arms flung wide lay messer recipe in the snow. Grinning too but breathing not at all midway between four Leeann remedy on the long road that coming from beyond Bologna runs south eastward to the sea in a line of rare directness. Had this murder been committed in the full glare of a brilliant in January noon tide and no witness was insight as far as the eye could reach onward toward the hazy spires of distant remedy or backward in the direction of fourthly so well content Sir Benvenuto grinning under the shadow of his moron. Got Him down from his horse to reap the prophet of his mornings work. What though and falling the dying man had cursed him. It is true that. Benvenuto superstitious had kwait under the awful malediction from those writhing lips. But only for an instant he was as nimble with spiritual as with lethal tools and to avert his victims curse he had crossed himself devoutly and devoutly breed prayer of our lady of Loretto. Who's Arden Vo Tori? He had ever been moreover he war armor against such sue purnell missiles as the more bond had hurled at him the Scapula Larry of the conference. Unity of Saint Anne Hung upon his breast and back beneath his shirt to turn the edge of any curse however keenly barb easy therefore in mind unconscious he got him down into the snow all trampled and slushy where their horses had circled in the fight. And having tethered his own beast he fetched mess or Krispies. A cruel cut across the Hams that Senate off at the Gallop in the direction of four lay next. He applied himself to the garnering of the spoil. The dead gallant was richly arrayed. It was this very richness of his regiment. That had caught in passing the eye of Sir been through nudo and lert him by. Its Promise but the Raymond that had erstwhile tempted mock tim now for his prize. It seemed was guilt. Not Solid Gold. He rose from an unfruitful search cursing. The poverty of the dead man's pockets cursing himself for the risk. He had run in so poor. 'cause in weighing in his palm a trump ARY jewell he had plucked from krispies cap and the silken purse containing but some five gold pieces then in a frenzy half disappointed rage half greed. He returned to his investigations carefully piece by piece he examined his victims garments nor paused until he reached his skin but all in vain then he thought him of the dead man's boots he dragged them off and handsome though they were tore them souls from uppers in the ardor of his search. He had all but flung them from him in despair. When a certain stiffness in the leg of one arrested him there Keimei gleam into the foxy close set eyes thoughtfully? He rubbed his lean long nose in leered his perseverance had been. It seemed rewarded to rip the outer leather from its lining was an instance work. He withdrew package composed of several sheets of paper with this appointment. Rising knew he spread one of these swiftly his I played over it it was a letter couched in Latin and from that letter it was that he learned his victims name but more he learned for Serb Benvenuto had been reared for the church. By doting mother and had not yet forgotten the knowledge he had gained of the Latin tongue he learned sufficient to make his eyes gleam a new. He had chanced upon something. That might be worth a hundred times. Its weight in gold but not here not on the open road in the glare of light from the Sun drenched snow. Would HE INVESTIGATES PRICE? He stuff the papers into the bosom of his do bled and climbed back into his saddle his spurs dripping blood. He wrote his cruelly punished horse. Some three hours later into the town of Remedy Andrew Rain at the Stereo. Del Sole he had a way of command with him. Had measure is Monday despite his sinister face half Wolf Half Fox and though according to might have mistaken him for a lackey a lackey would have certainly mistaken him. For accord ear the host of the soul received him with all deference and since the common room was thronged with four G. and soldiers for the Duke of Valentin Wa was in town. He said a room apart for Messer. Gez Medes convenience there for an hour. The Rascal poured over those documents. Mastering the details of a plot aimed at the very life of the Lord taste of the Borgia. Details that the Lord Chase that he warsheh should pay for handsomely he would not stay up but rising presently he took his cloak and there and then directed his steps to the Palazzo where his highness lay after much questioning for CAISSOTI had grown cautious since the plot of Singapore some weeks ago. He was at last admitted to the bourgeoisie presence to tell of the discovery upon which he had chanced the duques slender shape play man. Finally featured Auburn haired with beautiful restless is WHO's glance. Fear into the rascal. Soul of measure. Gaz Mandi listen gravely to his tail and scan the papers which the mass daily. Oh step before him but surely his nature had been misrepresented to give Mandi for. He betrayed none of the ferocious satisfaction that the letter had looked see in him instead. He posed Gez Monday. A question that almost turned the villain sick was stunned. Apprehension so cold so deadly cold was do case. Studies Voice Come you buy these papers gives Monday? Paled he stammered? He was unprepared for this. He could scarce conceive that he had heard a right. He had brought the duke proof and details of a plot against his life. A plot involving some of the best blood in Italy a plot so far reaching that scare say subjected state of any consequence but was sending its envoy to the assassins gathering that was to take place that very night in remedy yet. The Duke could pause coldly to ask him how he came by those papers. As though so small thing could matter where so great. A one was at issue observing. His confusion tastes savvy. Smile and his smile was the deadliest that goes Monday. Had ever seen it turned the scoundrels soul to water. It froze the marrow in his spine. He felt his skin rough. Meaning like a dog's he sought in vain to dissemble but terror glaring from his eyes but the dukes smile grew and grew till it ended in a laugh short and terrible as they note of doom. I see he said and pushed the papers back across the table. Two guests Mundy. What is your name and under the play of those awful beautiful is gives. Monty answered truth feeling that he dared not lie. That to lie was idle chase. Saudi knotted shortly. Take you these papers of which in the way of your scoundrels trade. You had become possessed memorize their contents. Then go at midnight as the lettera points to the Palazzo Monte only played the part of measure. Crespi and bring me news. Tamar of what these conspirators intend and who their associates elsewhere gives. Monday fell back a pace. His Cheeks Blanche ing my Lord. He cried.

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