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That's great. By the way, keep watching our show. You may be very excited at what happened. You might just be saying rework that you might just be a redneck and I need a catch phrase. And I just be. You might just be surprised. I like it. The right to self. What would it be? Also, you're trapping us, Sam, other Sam. You're trapping us and to have the same one the whole way through is so scary. Yeah. So it's like you definitely didn't want to be pick a film type where there's always a happy ending. Oh, like a Pixar movie. But then at the beginning, someone's gonna die. You're gonna lose somebody very close to you. There's that. That's true. What would you do, Sam? Maybe I would do like a very theatrical and wiry Kung fu movie like crushing Tiger king dragon? You know? Also very Starbucks. Exactly, and then I just like everything I do has like wire work. So I can work my throat, and I got a lot of spins and jumping on the counter and they're like standing down in the cup like falls into my hand and like thank you. My thumb up in like two coins go into the tip jar. And then the guy's like two coins and they fight to me a little bit and I'm like, oh, okay, here's another dollar. And then they're like very good. And I drink it. So all that. Hold that for a coffee. Frick coffee. You know what I mean? It probably gets off. In cinema. Beautiful. I think about you. I think it would be an animated movie because I think then I can do anything I want. And I could start one day like this in the next day. It could be flying, or I could be in a house that has balloons in it, or I could be or I could create the circle of life. A lot of people are talking about the circle life nowadays. A lot of people. You know what? Because sometimes in these movies, people start off as mermaids, but then look at these feet. Look at these things, aren't they neat? You know what I mean? Wouldn't you think? My collection's complete. Wouldn't you think I'm the girl? Girl who has every everything. Surprise? Wow. You might be surprised. So, all the reviews are in or the early reviews that I saw. And people like this show. And they really talked about the two of you together, decider called the two of you as a comedic duo. Quote, joy, personified. How cute. How cute. And I get the feel from watching the show that everyone got to improv a lot when they wanted to improv something a big part of the show as well. I wonder, what do each of you both like the most about the others improv style? I know you both came out of improv. Wow. By the way, this is so interesting to, I don't think we've ever been in a place where you have to compliment the person opposite as this will be I mean, I can't wait, but this is a very interesting opportunity. All right, so in terms of improv, two things, I think are important. One is trust. You have to trust the other person. In my head when I'm on stage with someone, if it's a two person trailer goes forever, it's like I have to know that whatever I do, I feel safe. I feel that Sam and Sam does this very well. I feel protected no matter how insane of a initiation or something I do in a scene. I know that Sam will take care of me and also you're with somebody that can make anything funny. So it takes so much pressure off of me as a performer. I know that if I say something that's only like, oh, what are you doing? Sam is so smart and fast that he'll find a way to make it funny. Man, there is nothing is Xavier's that you don't. Grammy? Yeah. People's choice award when he's got that MTV Movie work best comedy sex in? So funny. You're like, how is he gonna? Oh, that's how? The upside down part was. So I feel supported. I feel loved as a human being because I care about Sam. And I feel like I always want to make Sam look good so bad. And I have a feeling that he feels similar. Now same you're screwed. You can't say any of that. I can't see any of that. Okay, some of it. With Ben, Ben is so giving and so fast and so funny that you can truly turn your brain off. So sometimes you improvise, you have to kind of be on your toes, 'cause you're like, oh, let me get ready to patch up whatever's coming up so that I can make it at least work. But I don't have to do that with Ben. I know that wherever I go or wherever he goes, there's runway and there's leeway and there's space so we can just play and I love Ben as a person and we had to quick friendship that we just sort of it was as if we'd been improvising together for years and years, even though my first time was in these scenes. This is very, yeah. This is very much giving me that YouTube video where they ask her about Gayle and she's like, I can't name a better friend. It's very much that for me. And I like that energy. This is very warming. I love that question. We speak a similar language in your hearts or in similar places. I love it. I love it. Then Sam, we all stick around and play a fun game with me after the break. No. Samsung. Oh, no. You're the first person. There you go. Can't wait. Can I tell you there's nothing salmon? I love more than a game. Yeah, truly. We played games. I'm like throughout filming. Like, just whatever. What was the most played game during filming? There's two games. One is that Sam, I don't want to put him on the spot and he doesn't have to, but Sam knows the theme song to any TV show that we watch growing up. Sam is younger than me, but we're roughly go do it. Thundercat are on the move. Here the magic feel the roar. ThunderCats are loose. But that's like an easy one for him. He could do B sides. He could do like the he could do like the weird, the weirdest thing. Okay, okay, here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Pepper in the Saturday morning ABC. Was it girl? What's her name? Is he cool? Is she labeled? You talk about what's her name? Pepper rant. Yeah. It's like one and a million. Amazing. And you understand that would be ours. It's just they paired the right two people. I really, truly did. I love it. But after the break, y'all will have to answer the questions to the quiz game in the spirit of TV show theme song. Oh, fantastic. I don't even know what that means and I'm excited. Coming up, I play a game of who said that. Full of big improv energy. With Sam Richardson and Ben Schwartz. The two stars of the Apple TV plus comedy, the after party. This message comes from NPR sponsor, CarMax, and the love your car guarantee. Carbine can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be that way. CarMax gives you the time you need to make the right choice. Take up to 24 hours for your test drive. Once you buy, enjoy a 30 day money back guarantee up to 1500 miles. Learn more and start shopping at CarMax dot com. The new love your car guarantee from CarMax, car buying, reimagined. 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