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Doesn't mean that the the beforehand without this knowledge we were wrong. There's a terrier argument. I don't remember what it is. Yeah. It's it's a legal. It's a legal term on this post talk, ergo, propped, her heart post hoc aero that. Yeah thing. Yeah. Nick Sabin would say, you're you're basing it on the results not process. That's pretty much the same thing. So. Yeah. Yeah. The process itself gave us because. Well, it's it's it's crazy. How many people make stupid arguments about this not admitting? We have a tiny sample size in sport. That will never have a big sample size. The important things that the team playoff known as the busiest never gave us any blowouts, always close competitive games. Always both teams clearly deserving to be there and playing like we are back talking about Yukon again, speaking of significant authoritative, definitive sample sizes Notre Dame as an all time losing record against NC state. Oh, that's my second favorite. Notre Dame loss. Title. They refused to acknowledge the rain highly on plague calling because Notre Dame doesn't respect whether and yes, the rain can't wash away character never felt closer. I've never felt closer to not to to be today. Because if I had been coaching Notre Dame in that game. I can't say that I wouldn't have done the same thing. Like, you're not the boss, God Jesus can walk on water. That means he could plan his passing feet suck. It poseidon. Poseidon counterpoint. I'm just calling Notre Dame expensive NC state from here on out who. That's me, Nancy state. I don't think we should do. So naturally, this is also started the debate of hey, we belonged there for instance, could Dwayne Haskins quarterback of how state like oh. Yeah. Look at this phony. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe shouldn't lost Purdue. Also, by the way, maybe you guys shouldn't have had like, you know, had a terrible human for coach. Maybe that. That's honestly, like what effective people voting. They were like, I don't know you lose twenty something to Purdue. And also that all happened. What you definitely shouldn't do both of those like Notre Dame. That's That's a a mess. mess. Well, it'd be like choose one or the other is Notre Dame also has a terrible human for coach. But he didn't lose Purdue by by multiple touchdowns recently terrible. That's all people. Remember, don't assume don't assume this isn't a flimsy mount like a flimsy process that's malleable on the basis of snap human, emotions, and to be honest. Not real bright people making decisions at the top look up which coach when the coach leadership award. Integrity, respect goodness. Character. Podcast and are in Ohio State fan for of all thanks for sticking wickets. Second of all Haley's Zimmerman. How's it going? Second of all if you're planning on taking urban zombie. Sorry. If you're a student. This podcast at and you're planning on taking urban leadership class. Let us know home. I have court record record. Please record them send it to us just in on that. Yeah. Absolutely series of several questions for you. Live streaming, homey. Livestream Biard periscope Eero. Also, the third thing that that Ohio State students to hear did you eat a gram protein per desired body weight today, if you didn't go get it, bro. Cook it that get you in the playoff Fisher gains won't happen. Without it. The the other chorus that was piping up a lot during the playoff. Of course, was Georgia fans and players lots and lots of Moody's Georgia players, which that's fine. I think we sort of all agreed Georgia probably is one of the four best teams to use popular term on a really know. What the utility of that is maybe they can throw up her raid for that. Like UCF did banner says, you know, four best when one of four best teams made. That's what your your banner says final four final four. If you wanna. Yeah. Do it..

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