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So DA's are able to go to you know, to see a charge person and say, hey, I'm you know, I know that you're you're stuck inside the cell. You can't pay your bail. But you could get out today. We can make that happen but cleats to these convictions. And that's how plea deals get signed. And that's how we so easily so often find that people end up with these convictions. And then they're in the system bail is been the way in which we've been able to incarcerate millions of people in this country. What we need. Instead is what in many other places are doing, you know, United States is one of two countries in the world that has money bail system you. I think for us what we're advocating for is a system by which we prioritize liberty. We we look at what? As that people can get the support that they need to come back for trial for court, so housing in text reminders, or some really exciting new organizations that have been developing ways to get people back to court that look like transportation support or reminders via technology or taxed in in those things are incredibly effective in. So we actually have a lot of ways at our fingertips to to make sure that people I guess are coming back to court on. But I I think also we have to look upstream a little bit and say, well, why are there so many people who are being being charged arrested in criminalised in the first place. And so those are some of the bigger questions that were that were also tasked with with figuring out as advocates we decided to take on the Bill industry and go hard, we we approach from a corporate divestment standpoint where we were able to because of the voices of women women coming together were able to really partner with Google. Bill and able to get the largest corporate divestment from the bail industry happen when Google Facebook band bail bonds advertising on their platforms that was because of women who have been used an abused and exploited by this industry for years coming together approaching can be corporate folks in saying, hey, you know, there's something that I think you ought to know about how this is impacting our lives in. I think that is a really powerful example of of what what is possible. And then finally, we we put, you know, do direct actions. So we are part of collective called the national bailout, which is a group of black organizers from across the country who lead black centered race Justice work and are together have have been bailing out women out of jails before mother's day for the last two years. And, you know, at while we wait for the lawyers to do their thing while we wait for corporations to get the message or feel the pressure like we're just going to raise the money. Get get our people home. And that's what that's the beauty of direct actions. Will you know, what I'm really really moved by the work that you do. I think it's it's really really important, obviously. And I'm really really proud of the work. So you know, keeping up it's really important in. Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me today. Of course. Thank you. It was real pleasure. Thank you so much for listening to find more about China's work and her organization, please visit SE Justice Group at SE Justice Group dot org. An SEC spelled E S S I E. Please also follow the electorate until show media were unfazed book, Instagram and Twitter, and that's at electorate and until next time. Keep up the good fight.

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