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Thing they're hitting this brick associated ten minutes just to hit this bray agree. Thanks okay. this is something. I totally forgot about what i did like about it. All right i wanted to see green lantern. I want worship zam or something the lead to him now there might be in there and i didn't see it because the way i viewed it but i did love marshview underway. Zack snyder intended it. Did you not watch it. Did you watch it with a projector. I'm going to clear up the holes here this next week but listen. I only have ailing the veiling of martian manhunter week. I thought it was saying the end. I'm about the scene. I don't wanna go. Oh my in the actual movie. I thought was weak and just thrown in just because to make people happy. Well i mean if they're gonna eventually if they really want it to go off the way slim. Oh with the way The button they're going to need more characters that can do cool things. And that's going to be with marsha and hunter green lantern and suzanne. And as that's going to take a few more movies or whatever they wanna do. I mean this thing is so. It's so matteo cyborg and just put somebody else in. They shouldn't have ever put cyborg in with that. They should have been green lantern. Marsha manhattan perfect doom patrol. Yeah he. He works way better on doom patrol than he does and this justice league movie. I like his backstory better. I mean at the same scene where it seemed like everything i've ever seen a cyborg in like this guy is the complete lee. Different depressed Angst ridden character. That i've seen in must carry on doom patrol right. Well yeah misfit. He's just kind of yeah you or at least a little time for it to kind of sink again. Yeah and that's what i think too. 'cause i was talking to a buddy of mine and i said i feel like batman. I feel like not on a huge batman fan. It's more these movies. Have all been about really superman. And i feel like batmans in there because batmans part of the big three superman trudging. I think i think the first justice league incarnation on in in cinematic history or send. 'em whatever i'm sorry i'm i'm tired. The first justice league should actually. It should be about superman. It's all about first of all. It's about superman batmans relationship and then right from then. I feel like it's really. He doesn't really understand batman. In general. And i think that it will battle a under. I'm sorry sorry in time. Yeah how many batman have we had in the last thirty years. How many not enough not need to answer is not enough. Don't need to explore that story. i don't wanna. I don't wanna see that. I just wanna see him. Do batman tech. So here's what they shouldn't have had cyborg. Cyborgs the hacker in the group right. That should be batman. The zacks lender not watch any of the animated justice league. That bruce timm and all these guys did for years and years and years he should have gone back and watch that because they figured it out. They figured out relationship. But then you're saying the same thing like why does the run runaround fast they got superman run around fast. He can do that but flashes faster. I think right and gets that's the whole thing. Thinks faster does things faster. I mean bank. it's been the world around but can you go to different dimensions. Oh i like the score in the original theatrical cut better. I could be wrong but i thought that danny alvin did the score in the original or there is a tribute to. You could definitely there one thing. I did passively notice. Notice was the difference in music all in on it attitude and everything. Yeah all in all. I think it was just a missed opportunity. I think this could have been great even building up to doomsday all. This could have been great under somebody else doing building up the dark side what i say doomsday dark site the whole thing even tweak the story a little bit could great i all in all. This is a missed opportunity. How about how about how about this. How about this. How about you just treat this as yet. It kinda sucks but this is this is where we're going to start and step off from. We're not w's done with them. He said he already had plans for two and three. So here's what his plan was. I don't know this is true or not if you kind of b. s. and i'm hoping he was but he said that bruce wayne would have died which by the way bruce wayne would have survived. Okay so okay. Oh just like Just like Lynn iron man died. Yeah bruce wayne would have died. But here the new batman would be. He would be the son of lois and clark. That would be the new batman. Are you kidding me. Get the f out. He who of he's walking out. it's slow motion. This has been going on this whole scene than talking by the way. This flash seen the fastest man on earth is the longest in the movie. All and slow. It is yeah. That's the one thing i didn't like about the storyline tuesday. Everybody everything that was happening. Tragic in their life Was because of car-crash like cyborgs. Mom died in a car crash. Right okay this full has a question of this girl. she's getting had an accident in a car crash. Your you can't come up with something else. Probably like stanley just naming people just the things you see table man anyway all in all let me give it a great and an era give it a great i would say the original cut i thought was. I thought it was a sixty original cut. I'm gonna give this one a five point five slightly less. i'm only it would have been higher. Had the eighty percent buildup and better. So i liked that the version better because it was quicker i felt entertain the entire way. Music was great. I didn't need all this nonsense. Cyborg just complaining more. This movie really needs cyborg just talking about how bad his life sucks even more and more car crashes. We only have three scenes where cyborg talked about. How life is life sucks. Well let's do more. We gotta hit that four hour art. Cyborgs should've been like smoking a cigarette and constantly drinking. Yeah what would you would you give an air I i'm not gonna off the previous one. Because i really don't know what the difference are just like i'm gonna base off storyline alone with this one. I would say a five. Because this story releasing they consider nowhere and the cramming everything into one and a lot of side trails or chasing a lot of stuff that at the end of the day a lot of branches. But it mean. You don't need if you can prune those branches let's get to the meat and potatoes of it and like i really had no type of investment like mother boxes. Yeah and i'm like why. Call them mother box when something else. It's like bother box auto box. Well okay life cases but then this just goes back to like the similarities between nc in dc where you say no. I'm not just saying the movies. I'm just saying the actual a half actual a lot of the people from dc back in the day when they created back because these older the marble so back in the day when they're doing comics some of the marvel got started. And they took some of the writers and stuff from dc. So all iron was a batman. Essentially you know they just took a lot of the ideas they took from dc and they just kind of tweak them slightly and made him from death stroke and Deadpool are pretty much the same person right within the trump. This play in that zacks matter kind of this show by the way that we have more hours to fill. Do you wanna talk about how bad your life sucks poor. Well you know. I'm a tv. Mechanical voice.

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