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It looked like a four three three three three on paper but they were opened depressing. They were opening counterattacking but they didn't park the bus and they were still at their best in transition in those critical moments and then also ultimately on restart that we talk about the fact that yes. They've won games against mexico this summer. And they've scored four goals in those games. Three of them event set pieces and then one of them was christian pulisic penalty so they still haven't scored against the run of play which mexico has a united states. But you know. I thought it was. It was respecting the opponent. It was a perfect. I think way for greg broomhall tooth to bleed the kids out to you know bleed the youth but then also throw them into the deep end up. This is the worst thing that you're going to experience in cauca calf because this game is set up little relief. You be like the road game at the tech. Can you go out there and find a way to get a draw. Technically they did. Because it was neil no after ninety minutes and then they want it in one hundred and twenty but i thought berhalter managed it perfectly. I thought he made adjustments at halftime. That were effective. In every single. One of the knockout games and the final groups stage gambling it's candidate and he made timely substitutions that ultimately were very effective criminal dawn for me mark was i would say the second most third most significant midfielder for this team over the course of the tournament i think he was more impactful than gianluca. Oh he played more than an in more games than air williamson of the portland. Timbers did and i thought sebastian legit had long stretches where he was relatively ineffective and yet christian will bond was kind of relegated to the role that we saw christian. Pulisic have it with chelsea down the stretch and champions league in ultimately the champions league final. We're not gonna start him. He's racing in the whole come on in the second half when the games close in everything and beat that link-up guy possession who can go out wide. You can go find the.

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