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Clear if any or all of the seven worth the center for treatment. The nonprofit provides counseling and mental health services to young people placed by L. A county Department of Children and Family Services. The two young men who are 18 years old were charged yesterday with murder. Steve Gregory K. If I knew the campaign to recall Governor Newsome says it's reached one million signatures. The recall effort needs 1.8 million certified by mid March to qualify for the ballot. Organizers say they're hoping to hold a vote in late August or mid September, and Hongkong's police have carried out the biggest mass arrests since last June, when an anti protest law was passed. Officials say the 53 activists and former politicians who are arrested this week were suspected of overthrowing or interfering with the government. They're in trouble for organizing an unofficial election primary last week where they promoted democracy. We're watching a wreck on the 91. Well, it's nothing serious but and sory toes on the 91 westbound just before a teacher boulevard at a couple of vehicles that collided here they were partially blocking the right lane. Looks like everything's over to the right shoulder now, and your drive is basically uninterrupted. Looking pretty good on that. 91 westbound in Ontario finally cleared, installed big rig on the 60 East at arch above everything out of the right lane. Now your recovery begins at Euclid Ko Phi in this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bod checking on the 605 driving the six So five especially South bound now, which can be an adventure. A free morning, but right down I was still in pretty good shape. Coming off 2 to 10 10 60 all the way down to the five little busy around the five and the water. All five interchanges kind of normal. So there were really not your back north. That's been unusually slow coming up from the 91. North of the five. But after that again, you're paying a be in pretty good shape all the way up to do 10 and again that to 10 from her window right to Pasadena, still in pretty good shape. Major didn't accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Bob K. F I the sky. Okay, Applying this guy helps get you there faster. I'm.

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