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Very recent thing. It's rare that we would have like photographic proof in terms of the timeline of all this. But we really do so. Who knows maybe she was going to get a covered up anyway. Maybe things are escalating with ace abinet. She feels weird to have the matching tattoos ex-boyfriends. I just wonder if this was the first time. Drake was finding out about cover ups slash if he will cover his. I would say absolutely the first time he found out about it. It has to be right. What you're gonna do. Send him a thing from the tattoo parlor from laser. No way a while she got a coverage you got something on top of it but yeah i would imagine that this. I don't believe that they're speaking so unless she did it in somebody else was like. Hey heads up. I saw the other day and she had a tattoo-covered which i don't believe would happen. I imagine that he found out what the rest of the world which is my of separate like. I'm not going to pretend like. I take enjoyment and him being upset with. Here's the thing it's not even about that. Like about being upset for him or sad from whatever that is. It's more so i i can't get over how funny i think it is. That drake is in his. You know fucking palace in canada and he opens his phone to the daily mail snapchat and he's finding out these accident that we are that she covered it up. That is hilarious when you think about it like here. He is in the fucking closet with birkin's that he already set up for his future wife and he's finding out. The shark. tattoo has covered. That is the visual talk about. Talk about a visual. That i want. I want to know who's drake's first phone call after he sees the photos of as happening on a walking through the city getting denied arcade and finding out about the tattoo. That is a question we need answered you. I have that answer. Who has it's his mom. It's gotta be right. I i cannot explain to you how deeply in the fact that he called his mom after that happened. And i have to tell you on top of all of this. I would be shocked shocked. If you covered up that tattoo. The most drake thing in the entire world would be keeping that tattoo. Yeah forever kind of is like a than having a line in the song about it. How like you know was that important imprinted in his life and he doesn't need to cover up that time not in a shady way necessarily but kind of in a way that comes across incredibly emotional while also potentially aiming to make her feel bad absolutely although she wouldn't feel that i have to say if there was ever a period of my life were i got matching tattoos an even if it ended in may be the worst way ever. I have not covering up the matching tattoo. I got with that body forever. i might honestly get. The shark. hugged dragan his bergen closet. That's what i want. I want you showing your parents. Your shark to you got installed. Are you gonna. I would have to. I don't have my own apartment. But for some reason i was like i'd have to move into the burqa closet also in other news. I know you haven't spoken of as and a few weeks. John leaney olivia munn. Were seen together having what appeared to be a lunch date in l. a. And as we know he slipped from his ex wife on may ten revealed pretty much immediately. After i guess simultaneously that he was apparently seeing olivia. Munn but these were the first photos of them together which is also something we manifested on. Podcast when those pictures popped up my initial Literally i completely forgot now. That's what you responded. When i sent it to julia. She's like holy shit. I forgot this is even happening. I guess because neither of those people like john lenient. Olivia on are not necessarily people in our daily orbit. Well yeah well to an extent. Like i think about john laney obviously a lot but i just i guess i wasn't thinking about them as a couple like i think about him as a singular entity usually so i forgot about them in their haven't been texas but i also would say i'm different where i think about john and probably more than the average person does no. I know what you mean. Obviously you like appreciate his comedy. I'm saying more so member loss with who are having the conversation jaylo about how like if you even remotely care about pop culture. You can't escape news about her. You very easily can escape. News about john lanier living in mind. If you're not looking for it so absolutely ria and then guys really coming in hot cardi announced last night during her performance with offset at the bt awards that she is pregnant with number two that immediately posted about it on instagram own. Like you know what amazing fucking week for celebrity news. Everyone give yourselves out of applause. Because you all really stepped up this week in a way that i really needed. Yeah we i. I love when this happened number last week. You said putting something into the universe i forget what it was and we all collectively me and the rest of the audience kind of cheers you on freezing that wording. This is what happens when you do it. You did it. You did it beautifully and here we are okay. So next thing i'm putting in the universe's drake giving me those birkin's what doesn't have my next week. Is that a really seamless transition into the current hashing. Recap allah.

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