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Hi and wait but it wasn't until nineteen eighty three Audrey Hepburn actually went to Japan the occasion a fashion show for her dear friend and designer will bear dejamos she side note the Givenchy fashion show in funny face is a magical sequence what happened landed in Tokyo it was like princess and from Roman holiday had finally arrived Hepburn was naturally exhausted after a very long flight and she worried that you might disappoint fans who were accustomed to seeing her as a young woman on screen I was so moved deeply moved at the very first glance and when I went to her apartment I thought the main door someone would open the door but that was she that was miss Audrey Hepburn who opened the door and with that smile that I was so used to seeing in that Roman holiday so she said to me tai chi I am very sad if the Japanese fans look at me and that tired face they may not like me anymore talk you told her friend not to worry the Japanese fans would always love her and she says I still remember her a big smile tacky okay right Taki and Audrey remained friends for years I have a four thirty letters from her this said this must be in nineteen eighty three after she left Japan I think hi I have now almost recovered from my jet lag but will never get over Japan never a C. underlines none of us will ever be the same again exclamation mark three of them never have I known such Curtis see kindness and gentleness and the waves of affection us still ringing in my ears I long to go back I wish Japan were not so far away thanking you thank you again sweet friend all my love to you and your husband Audrey she tell me and tacky perhaps in the past he is in the in my ancestor era I might have been the Japanese okay and may have been joking here but she understood that there was a bond to test this notion of devotion we sent a producer to this Audrey Hepburn photo exhibition happening in a department.

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